Top Ten Tuesday Eve | Thanksgiving Thankful

Happy Top Ten Tuesday Eve!  I have a release day review to post tomorrow, but I love Top Ten Tuesday too much to miss it, so I decided to celebrate this glorious day of blogging on Monday.  I can make these choices, since I’m in charge!  😀

I played around with this weeks topic, writing it and deleting it with a fresh idea multiple times, before I just decided to shoot for everything related to books I’m thankful for.

Are these on your list?


I’m Thankful For…



I am such a sucker for a good bookmark.  I collect them, particularly the bookmarks that have the funny little sayings.  I also prefer the old fashioned bookmarks, paper with the bead and tassels.  They’re so cute.  I’m constantly on the lookout for a new one I don’t own yet.


2. Great Authors!

We all love a good book, but there’s something to be said for consistently great authors.  I only have a handful I watch out for, knowing I’m going to like whatever they publish next.  Melina Marchetta, Rainbow Rowell, John Green, Neal Shusterman, etc… I’m so thankful for each and every one one of them.

3. The Sound of Fluttering Pages!

Sometimes, when I get a new book, I’ll just sit there and flutter through the pages to feel the breeze and smell the paper.  The paper also makes soft hissing sound that’s like music to my ears.  It’s my favorite.

4. Unexpectedly Good Books!

Of course I’m thankful for all good books, but there’s something extra special about books you thought were going to be disappointing.  There’s an extra level of elation when you’re surprised by loving a book you weren’t expecting.  Am I right?

5. Surprise’s Under the Dust Jacket!

I’m a huge fan of hardcover’s anyway, but when you buy one and take the dust jacket off to discover a beautiful mural inside it’s like getting a present.  I keep the dust jacket’s on, obviously, because it makes me feel like the book and I have a little secret.


6. Escaping Reality!

One of the top reasons for reading is to escape reality.  I can forget about elections and all the bad in the world, and even the little things like bills and working.  I’m thankful for healthy reality escapes.

7. Recommendations That Pay Off!

I bet you think I’m about to talk about getting recs that pay off, and I am thankful for those.  Selfishly I want to read good books.  I’m even more thankful for books I’VE recommended to friends that paid off.  It’s so exciting, introducing people to great books.

8. A Lighted E-Reader!

I prefer a physical book, but I do read the most on my kindle.  Here’s the thing, it’s easier for work.  Even more, I love reading on a device that is lighted.  One of my favorite spots to read is in bed, before I sleep, which is problematic with a real book.  Book lights are awkward.  I am very thankful for my Kindle Paperwhite.

9. A Good Movie Adaptation!

I get really excited when I hear a book has been optioned.  I also get really nervous.  Let’s be honest, we’re usually disappointed.  They are usually let downs.  Only occasionally are adaptations worthy of the books they came from.  When they are, that is definitely something to be thankful for!

10. Our Community!

I’m really thankful for our Reading Community.  I’m not even trying to be cheesy.  I truly mean it.  Our community is one of the most inclusive out there, and that includes both the blogosphere and the different literary fandoms.  For the most part, we’re all really open and friendly.  You’re all amazing, and I’m thankful for you.



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19 Responses

  1. I love this list! I’m publishing mine tomorrow and it’s more on blogging, but I agree with so many things that you said here – great authors, great community, great books, great recommendations…

    And Melina Marchetta is so amazing. Have you read her latest release?


  2. This is a great list!! I just ordered some cute book marks of ETSY. My problem is I usually use post its in my books instead of book marks so we will see how it goes! I also really enjoy hidden gems underneath the dust jacket of a book. I was so shocked when I took the dust jacket off Heartless and the book underneath was more gorgeous than the dust jacket!


  3. Great list.I think I’ll use your idea(I hope that’s okay)I thought of skipping TTT this week but this sounds great.I like all the things that you’ve listed,especially the community


  4. tcriggs

    I’m a sucker for a witty bookmark too. lol. And I love getting old used books and finding notes written, or pieces of paper or drawings wedged in between the pages. 🙂


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