Hatch Day Review | Brutal Game


About the Book: The long-awaited sequel to Willing Victim.

Nine months ago Laurel walked into an underground boxing gym and found herself mesmerized by a stranger named Flynn—a man who fights hard and loves harder. Since then he’s taken her places where fear and curiosity clash in exquisite pleasure, where trust is the price of ecstasy, and in time their brutal games have become her kink as much as his.

But when real life intrudes and hard decisions demand action, will these two whose bond is rooted in fantasy take shelter in each other’s arms, or discover that lust is no substitute for a lasting commitment?

Flynn and Laurel #2
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
November 22, 2016

I read Willing Victim for the first time back in 2011.  Wow, time sure does fly…  Anyway, I never anticipated that it would get a sequel, because everything seemed nearly all wrapped up in that initial novella.  In fact, I could even go so far as to say that I liked how it ended right as the relationship began.  I never felt like I needed more.

Until I heard that Cara McKenna was writing Brutal Game.  When I heard the news it was all over for me.  I may have never thought I needed a second half, but once I knew it was coming I was over the moon!  Yes, because I got additional story.  More importantly, I got more Michael Flynn!

I’ve read the book now, and if there are any naysayers out there (I’ve never seen any) they should relax.  If you were worried at all that a continuation wouldn’t be as good as the original, well to you I say -there’s always only one original, but Brutal Game was definitely a solid follow up.  It contained all the heat, and all the tenderness.  It was honest, and sometimes it was deliciously abrasive.

What I loved the most about Brutal Game, and actually it’s what I also loved most about Willing Victim, is that there isn’t any undue angst.  I love that even though Flynn can be a bit of a turd sometimes, he was not a coward.  He’s refreshingly honest and upfront, and he doesn’t let petty bullshit ruin a good thing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there are way too many books (particularly in this genre) that rely heavily on a lack of communication to create drama.  The best books don’t need that crutch, and the Flynn & Laurel Duology are definitely two of the best books.

Massive thank you to Cara McKenna for ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. You are so right – I love how Cara McKenna can write books without excessive drama and still keep me entertained! I love Flynn’s roll with the punches attitude. The world needs men like him.

    Now I want to listen to ‘After Hours’ again!


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