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Switched at Birth –  I could spend hours talking about this show.  Last season was all about what happened between Tank and Bay when she was too drunk to consent, and this season they’re diving into appropriation.  While I do believe in freedom of speech, I loved when Iris laid it all out for Daphne, telling her exactly why she was moving out and what Mingo’s actions meant to her as a black student.  I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers will take the conversation.

Switched at Birth.jpg

On another note, how convenient was it when Bay was able to protect the tattoo shop from robbers because they were speaking Mandarin?  The whole Bay half is kind of driving me nuts, actually.  I get the impression that Switched is going to end with Bay and Emmett as a couple, which drives me nuts.  It’s a shampoo, rinse and repeat situation between these two.  Emmett implodes their relationship, Bay is brokenhearted, then Emmett realized he was wrong and tries to win her back but only after his plan A doesn’t work out.  I’m crossing my fingers that the writers do the right thing and highlight the incredibly unhealthy relationship between them and chooses to let Bay be happy and move on, even if it’s to be on her own and not in a relationship!  I’d just prefer Travis to not come in second again.  He’s has been shafted one too many times and I’m going to be upset if I have to watch him lose again!  (I know the writers don’t care about me, but still!)

See how heated this show gets me!  And I know it’ll only get worse as the show wraps up!

The 100 – I’m so excited that this is back on television!  It’s one of those shows that I can’t stop thinking about when it’s on hiatus.  It also always ends on pretty intense cliffhangers, which means that I obsess all break long.


Some pretty major crap went down last season, culminating in some pretty major deaths.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss Lexa, but I do.  I loved that even when she forged her own path, taking Tricru in a new warless direction, she was so badass and nobody messed with her.  I was starting to really believe her relationship with Clarke, and even though I’ll always be a Clarke & Bellamy fan I always believed how much Lexa and Clarke loved each other.  It’s hard watching Clarke move forward.  (Who else hopes Roan will stick around??)

Then, even more shocking, Lincoln was killed last season.  I was devastated.  I really loved Lincoln, and my heart broke into a million pieces for Octavia.  Almost immediately she became a new person, a harder angrier person, and I don’t blame her at all.  THIS season, holy crap has she become the coolest of assassin’s ever!  At the time that I’m writing this there have been 2 episodes, in both episodes she was awwwwesome.  I might, maybe, have a new favorite character.


This is Us – The episode with Jack and Rebecca really got me again.  I bawled buckets, and mostly it was because of the doctor.  And Jack.  Always Jack.  Watching him go to his abusive father and ask for help, just trying to give Rebecca a good life.  The more I watch, the more I love him.  And I know where this is going and it just might kill me.  I also love that Rebecca recognizes her flaws, and that she make mistakes.  Knowing what is happening in the present, and hearing her talk to the babies in the past, it’s a beautiful and sad circle.

Quick few thoughts on some of my other shows… The Challenge started back up on MTV.  Man I love this show, even as ridiculous as it is.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  And the best part is that CT is back!  He’s my favorite, and has been since his original Real World.  It looks like it’s going to be a very entertaining season. The Flash, it’s really annoying me that Wally is getting to be faster as Kid Flash than Barry is.  This is called ‘The Flash’.  Nobody should be as fast as Barry.  Also, I love Tom Felton on the show.  I love how arrogant Julian is.  It’s almost cute.  Ink Master is a show I watched when it first came out, but I only made it through about a season and a half.  Randomly, out of the blue, I decided to watch all the seasons on Hulu.  Now I’m addicted.  I’m on season 8 now, and I’m loving Peck vs Nunez.  So much fun.


What are you guys watching on TV these days?  Do you have an favorite shows I should check out?

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  1. I find when I watch This Is Us the time jut slips away. At the end of every episode my mom goes ‘that’s it’? haha.
    I’m watching so many shows right now that I think I’m having a hard time keeping up. Currently on TV I’m watching: This Is Us, How to get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, and Elementary (this doesn’t include the shows on break atm which are Gotham, Once Upon a Time & Saving Hope).
    Them on Netflix I started watching the second season of Fuller House, but I haven’t gotten past episode 2 (the show isn’t the greatest so going back to it is whatever), and A Series of Unfortunate Events (it’s only 8 episodes, you’d think I could finish that, but nope) I’m loving it, I just wish I had the time for it.
    Then on Crave TV (sorta like Netflix) I started watching The Affair, but I had to stop at season 3 so I could catch up with everything else haha. I recently just started Dexter, don’t ask me why I added to my pile haha! But I am loving Dexter SO much!
    I also finished watching Joey, the Friends spin off. It is not worth it. I would not spend time watching that again. One day I’ll have my thoughts on it up on the blog.
    Woah I am watching too much TV 😛


      1. I have an obsession with watching a TV show when it’s aired because if I don’t then that means I have to find time to watch it, and that can be a struggle. Also I forget to watch and then I stop watching the show. But I totally get where you’re coming from. This weeks episode I can’t wait for you to watch, ugh talk about heart wrenching!
        I’m in and out with Elementary just because they can have a really good episode followed by a really crap one so I feel like I never know what I’m going to get. But I do love the characters they are all so sweet, even if they aren’t supposed to be.
        Yes I did watch season 1, and as much as I loved Full House it just wasn’t the same. I know I’m going to watch season 2 I just have to find the time. I was enjoying season 1 by the end, even if it wasn’t my favourite.
        I grew up on the books to a Series of Unfortunate Events, so I knew I was going to watch it. NPH was only half the reason for me, plus I didn’t even like him in the first episode, ha!
        I advise not to watch Joey. Not sure how I would feel about a Friends reboot. Did you hear about the Will and Grace reboot?
        OH I forgot to mention, on top of all that I’m watching season 6 of Game of Thrones & rewatching One Tree Hill. 😛


  2. I am watching the same thing I always watch – Criminal Minds reruns and Disney Jr. I don’t know why I can’t get into recent television shows. I’d rather watch reruns of the older ones. (You know…now that I’ve finished Fuller House.)

    I’m glad you’re getting some good tv these days! 🙂


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