Ten Buffy Episodes was the Goal -We Failed

Friday was the 20th anniversary of one of my most favorite television shows.  I was so inspired by Kim at By Hook or By Book, and her awesome tribute to The Slayer, that I thought I wanted to say something about the amazingness of Buffy too.  I thought, ‘oh!  I should get together with my sister, B-Rex (who is also my illustrator) and we should do our top ten favorites!’

All I can say is, we tried.  I wanted ten, here’s what I got:

Our Conversation

Birdie: Okay, B-Rex, for Buffy’s Twentieth Anniversary I had this idea that we should come up with a joint 10 best episodes, if possible. (and maybe like 4 runner ups) and then we can do like a 3-4 line, back and forth, conversation about each one.

B-Rex: Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Becoming, Chosen, Wild At Heart, School Hard, Band Candy, Surprise, The Wish, Hush, The Body, Normal Again, The Gift, Hells Bells, Seeing Red, Superstar, Lies My Parents Told Me, and Fool for Love. I can’t possibly do less than 18. And I cut some good ones! lmao

Birdie: I think Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Hush, The Body, Chosen, and Normal Again are all obvious picks.


B-Rex: Maybe top 20? for 20th anniversary?

Birdie: I think the post would be too long. So, what if we get it down to 10 and then at the end you can talk about all the episodes I made you cut out?

B-Rex: Well what were you doing for each episode?

I mean, like, why would it get too long? If you just said what makes it awesome in like a sentence or two, it wouldn’t be a lot.

Birdie: I thought I’d post a screen grab of each episode and then we could do a little back and forth about each one.

B-Rex: ohhhh, I see. oh god, how are we gonna do only 10?! okay, you pick the ten then, and then we’ll chat about them. I cunna do it, capta’n.

Birdie: Hahaha, okay. Well I figured that we would have to compromise some to each other, which would make the back and forth a little funnier. But, I mean, I do think those 6 should be in the list definitely. Those would be the first ones I’d think of.

B-Rex: What 6?  Tell me again.

Birdie: Chosen, OMWF, Tabula Rasa, The Body, Hush, and Normal Again.


B-Rex: Oh God no, how do you not do Becoming over Normal again?!

Birdie: I LOVE Normal Again.

B-Rex: I KNOW I LOVE IT TOO A-HOLE! lmmfaoooooo

Birdie: Hahaha, yeah, but I love it more than Becoming.

B-Rex: More than when Angel gets his soul and Buffy has to kill him?!?!?!?

Birdie: Yep, never made me cry. Not even the first time I saw it.

B-Rex: Plus that’s the episode where Angelus is all, “Who else is left?” and she catches the sword and is like “me. bitch. [sic]”

Birdie: Spike in Chosen made me cry, oddly enough since I was always Bangel fan.

B-Rex: You monster!

Birdie: Hahaha! Well, I guess that’s why I’d pick Normal Again.

OzlowB-Rex: Also, you have to include Wild at Heart! Are you telling me Oz leaving doesn’t make you cry? You robot?

Birdie: No, that one was one that I was holding as a possibility. It’s so good. THAT episode is why I never accepted her choosing Tara over Oz. Oz and Willow were my favorite couple ever on Buffy. More than Buffy and anyone.

B-Rex: I agree.

I’d do Band Candy over The Body.

Birdie: I’d put The Body over Band Candy, only because Anya’s break down gets me every. single. time!  Actually, I hate to say this, but Band Candy wouldn’t even be on my list.

B-Rex: Even the dang episode before The Body (I Was Made to Love You) makes me cry at the end. I cant even watch The Body anymore. I skip it.

Birdie: Because it’s horrible!

B-Rex: Wait!  BAND CANDY….Birdie…that is not only a good representation of how funny the show is, it gives us Young Giles! It’s classic.


Birdie: HAHA! It’s good, I’m not arguing that! It’s the first time we see Ripper. It’s just not in my top 10.

B-Rex: No, but is it your top 20?

Birdie: We’re not doing 20, woman!

B-Rex: HAHAHAHAHA, or are we?

That sneaky little dinosaur!


Even though we never got there, what are some of your favorite Buffy episodes?  And if you haven’t watched it, when are you gonna start?

About Birdie

Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

18 Responses

  1. This is AMAZING. I love this post! Did you guys just banter for EVER? I imagine this never stopped. Or did you come up with a final list? I completely agree with so many of these. I feel like an important one is missing, though: New Moon Rising. I just love the end of Oz’s character arc. Plus we have Willow’s coming out scene, which is HUGE for the 90s. ❤


      1. Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Kennedy. Man. I really need to rewatch every episode. In fact, I thought about doing that, alternating with the appropriate Angel episodes, a few times in my life. Perhaps now is just the right time! 😀


    1. B-Rex

      Yes, New Moon Rising was also on the list I had before I cut it to the original 18 heehee. Along with Out of Sight, Out of Mind and Life Serial and Same Time, Same Place 😉

      Also, Kennedy was as uncomfortably forced to be Willow’s love interest the way Adam was uncomfortably forced upon all of us as the season 4 villain.

      Liked by 1 person

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