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About the Book: Elliot Mills comes face-to-face with evil in this follow-up to Fair Game and Fair Play from bestselling author Josh Lanyon  One final game of cat and mouse… 

Ex–FBI agent Elliot Mills thought he was done with the most brutal case of his career. The Sculptor, the serial killer he spent years hunting, is finally in jail. But Elliot’s hope dies when he learns the murderer wasn’t acting alone. Now everyone is at risk once again—thanks to a madman determined to finish his partner’s gruesome mission.  

When the lead agent on the case, Special Agent Tucker Lance, goes missing, Elliot knows it’s the killer at work. After all, abducting the love of his life is the quickest way to hurt him.  

The chances of finding Tucker are all but impossible without the help of the Sculptor—but the Sculptor is in no position to talk. Critically injured in a prison fight, he lies comatose and dying while the clock ticks down. Elliot has no choice but to play this killer’s twisted game and hope he can find Tucker in time.

All’s Fair #3
M/M Mystery
Carina Press | March 13, 2017
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Fair Chance was a long time coming.  I feel like I read the first two books so long ago, and actually reread them last year because I was so eager for more about Tucker and Elliot.  Getting my hands on Fair Chance, finally, was the most amazing feeling.

Reading other’s reviews, I get the feeling that people weren’t happy with Fair Play, which is just super funny to me since it’s my favorite of all three.  There was something about getting Roland’s backstory that made it more enjoyable.  That’s not to say that Fair Chance wasn’t good, because it so was.  I love reading anything about Tucker and Elliot.  I think they have a spectacular relationship, with how they’ve managed to work out their problems with compromise.  I love that Elliot has accepted that Tucker needs to think things through on his own before he takes new developments to Elliot.  I love that Elliot has recognized that it’s not the same as keeping secrets.  I love that Tucker knows that Elliot is a great arguer and that he needs to get all his thoughts in a row before taking Elliot on.  Personally, I think that Elliot gets that from Roland.  I imagine that those two have monumental arguments.  (I’m so crazy about Roland and Elliot’s relationship, though I’ve always been a sucker for a good father/child story.)

I have to also mention the addition of Sheba.  I really loved that dog, and I love the idea that Elliot may end up keeping her.  I struggled with the idea that she would wind up at a rescue after having been abandoned.

I also really enjoyed the mystery in Fair Chance.  I thought it was perfect, bringing the story back around to The Sculpter and the idea that The Sculpter had an accomplice.  Even though I figured out whodunit pretty early on, I still loved reading the story unfold and all the why’s involved.  I love Josh Lanyon’s romance stories, but what makes her one of my favorites is the fact that she knows how to write an enjoyable cozy mystery.

So, I feel like I heard that this was it, that there wouldn’t be further installments of All’s Fair, but I really hope that’s wrong.  There’s so much more to examine.  Like, what’s going on with Nob and Roland.  Maybe it’s Elliot in my head, but Nob gives me the willies.  So, if you’re listening, please give us more.  AFTER more Holmes & Moriarity, pretty please.

Thank you to Carina Press for providing a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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8 Responses

  1. As always, a very clear and concise review! I really appreciate how you review series books; it can always be hard to share thoughts without giving too much away. But you’ve really nailed it. I hope this isn’t the last book in this series– it sounds like there could be so much more here! I’ll have to check these books out.


  2. I’m not familiar with this series but I really like the way you describe the relationship between Tucker and Elliot. Sounds like a realistically portrayed relationship that I could really get into. Great review!


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