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Good morning guys!

Normally for my Monthly Media Mashup I talk about everything happening on the new seasons of my favorite shows.  Here’s the problem, I’m not watching them lately.  I’ve been binge watching shows on Netflix instead.  So, probably next month we’ll talk about all the Marvel seasons on Netflix.  (Iron Fist just came out!  Whoop whoop!) I’m also on season 9 of Supernatural, so I have a lot to say.  I’ve been rewatching That 70’s Show with my daughter, which has been fun.  Current shows, I’m not stressing it.  I figure eventually they’ll be on Netflix and I’ll be able to watch them all then.

So, instead let’s talk about ten of my favorite television ships, old and new.  If you haven’t watched any of these shows, consider this a recommendation.  🙂


Pacey & Joey – Dawson’s Creek


I’m a Dawson’s Creek fanatic, and I’m aware Pacey & Joey were not supposed to be end game.  The show was written around Joey and Dawson’s friendship/love story.  If Pacey hadn’t been played by Joshua Jackson they may have pulled it off.  Fortunately for us, the chemistry was too strong between Pacey and Joey and the fans caught on quick.  This relationship started started off antagonistic but quickly became one of the focal parts of the show.  From season 3 and on, if you weren’t rooting for Pacey you were blind.
Yeah, I said it.

Logan & Veronica – Veronica Mars


Logan and Veronica are another couple who wasn’t supposed to be.  Veronica was in love with Logan’s best friend, Duncan.  Logan was the villain.
Let’s all be honest now, Duncan was incredibly drab and boring.  On the other hand, we have Logan who was a bit of a jerk at first, but also witty and cute.  The bad boy.  I’m totally a marshmallow for Logan Echolls, and I’m not apologetic.  The final season ended without any resolution.  Thank Heaven’s for the movie, because this story left me devastated wondering if these two would find their way back to each other.

Willow & Oz – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Willow and Oz’s love story was sheer perfection.  Compared to most every other relationship on television, these two pulled off one of the most romantic and innocent relationships I’ve ever watched.  From the moment Oz sees her, not knowing who she is, through their ups and downs, never once does she stop being the center of his universe (in the healthy way).  I know there are a million Tara/Will shippers, and I get how huge it was to have Willow come out of the closet and explore a same sex relationship in the 90’s.  I adored Tara & Willow too.  Still, my heart will always be captivated by Willow and Oz.

Jess & Rory – Gilmore Girls


Despite the Rory relationship merry-go-round, it has always been Jess in my eyes.  I know sometimes he was a jerk.  I also knew how angry he was.  He felt unwanted and lashed out at everyone around him to protect himself from further hurt.  He always loved Rory though.  They always had a connection that went deeper than just a physical one.  They shared the same interests, read the same books.  They could talk to each other, understand each other, and Jess has a habit of subtly helping Rory out of a spiral.
To me they belong together, so that’s how I’ve ended it in my head.

Ross & Rachel – Friends


Ross and Rachel!  Come on, isn’t this one a given?  I mean, is there anyone out there who wouldn’t include Ross & Rachel on their list of 10 television relationships?  Right from the beginning you’re on pins and needles, wondering if Rachel will realize how much Ross loves her.  And then there’s the Central Perk scene when they first kiss, and then the one where Rachel sees the prom video.  How about, “You’re over me?  When were you… under me?”  Even sitting here, thinking of everything, I’m drowning in all the feels.
Nobody can argue this one.  He’s her lobster!

Rachel & Finn – Glee


Even thinking about this couple makes me emotional.  I adored Finn and Rachel so much.  When Finn, in college, gives Rachel the big speech about knowing where they’ll end.  He tells her it doesn’t matter how many other men she dates because he knows she’ll always find her way back to him… It slayed me.  I was filled with so much hope and anticipation I nearly floated away.  And then we lost Corey Monteith.  Lea lost Corey.  Rachel lost Finn.  We lost both of them.  I actually cried.  Like, I really cried.  I didn’t know the actor, but I felt like I knew the character, and so I mourned them both.
The show wasn’t the same after his loss.

Damon & Elena – Vampire Diaries


Damon and Elena.  The perfect example of loving the bad boy.
Taking it back long before this show existed, somewhere in the early 90’s, I had 5 YA books called The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith.  As a young teenager I read, and reread, this series so many times the books literally fell apart.  Inside those pages was the story of Stefan & Damon Salvatore and their complicated feelings for High School student Elena Gilbert.  Inside those pages I was supposed to believe Stefan and Elena were meant to be.  However, little pre-teen Birdie loved Damon the most.  So, it’s really no surprise Ian Somerhalder’s excellent portrayal of Damon only served to cement my love.
I’m so glad the fans spoke and the story was changed.
Damon and Elena will finally be together.

Hyde & Jackie – That 70’s Show


That 70’s Show is one of the best sitcoms on television, and it had the worst ending.
Jackie and Fez, really?!  How could the writers get it so wrong??  Clearly Jackie and Hyde had the most chemistry.  Their banter made for some of the best jokes on the show, and then the writers twisted it and had these two characters fall in love and it was even more brilliant.  I always love when two opposing forces come together like Jackie and Hyde.
They were so much hotter than Jackie and Kelso, and DEFINITELY better than Jackie and Fez!  It should have been Hyde.

Clarke & Bellamy – The 100


Okay so right now this is a non-relationship.
Clearly Bellamy and Clarke care about each other, almost more than anyone else.  As leaders they have a deep connection, and their chemistry (since season 1) has been off the charts.  It’s their connection that has me hoping at some point we’ll see these two together as a couple.  Please don’t let the huge Bellarke movement be ignored.
It’s also worth mentioning- I really loved Clarke and Lexa.  If I couldn’t have Bellamy and Clarke, I was happy with Lexa.  I repeat, if I can’t have Bellarke.

Caroline & Klaus – Vampire Diaries/The Originals


Caroline and Klaus were only a footnote in the Vampire Diaries history, and yet they left one of the largest impacts on me.  Klaus was so tender with Caroline, and so cruel to everyone else.  They were really beautiful, in a sick twisted Vampire Diaries way.
Since they’ve ended Klaus has since moved on with Cami (sniff sniff) and Caroline has moved on with Stefan, and I’m not unhappy with either relationship.  I’d still drop both for even a hint that Caroline was jumping over to The Originals.  Because Klaroline is my end game.


Some of these may only be in my dreams, some are together only because the chemistry couldn’t be denied  Some of them were only for a split second, while some were long term but not meant to be.  No matter the outcome, these are still my all time favorite television relationships.

Who do you agree with?  Where do you disagree?  If you were to make your own list who would be on it?

About Birdie

Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

31 Responses

  1. Ryann the Reader

    I agree with most of these, but for me, the biggest one is Bellarke! Their chemistry is CRAZY, and I love how they are always pushing each other to be better leaders and better people


  2. OMG you and are are probably shipping sisters! I absolutely can’t resist a bad boy, so obviously a lot of my ships will revolve around them.
    Damian and Elena are one I adore (always preferred him to Stefan) but my absolute OTP has to be Bellarke. I have no idea how they’re planning to have their relationship play out in the series but it’s about time they get together! My heart bleeds out every time they exchange a look or hug or… Ugh.
    I’ve watched some of the other shows but was never completely into them. Yet I couldn’t agree more with your choices. Definitely worth rewatching just for them!


      1. Absolutely! They are the best 🙂 There’re so many layers to them and so much moral ambiguity you never really know what to except. Plus, they’re always so much more fun.
        I was never a big fan of Clarke and Lexa. Mostly because it was too brief for me to get a feel of it or even realize it was happening until it did. And also because the fandom is exceptionally aggressive, rude and dismissive of Bellarke and anything else that goes against their personal opinions. So I don’t have a lot of love for it.
        I’ve read the books almost at the same time as I started watching the show, and they compliment each other well.
        Unfortunately, I agree that we won’t get to see them as a couple for a long time but that doesn’t keep me for shipping them hard XD


      2. Yeah I definitely prefer the show! Which rarely happens. They are vastly different, even plot wise. And Lexa is not even in the books so I don’t know why they would invest in that relationship instead of Bellarke, which is canon and much easier to do at that point?
        I, too, love to see more diversity but not just for the sake of diversity. Like, to fill in a spot or something. It has to make sense and it has to pull me in, which this one didn’t do. Like you said, with Bellarke you can just feel the chemistry. With Clexa… Eh.
        I thought it was silly too. Just because she was a lesbian/bi, doesn’t mean she’s suddenly immune to death. In my opinion, *that* would be much more discriminatory. Besides, it was a creative decision based on the actress not being able to continue on the show due to schedule conflicts. Not an attack on the LGBT+ community. It was not even planned.


      3. Indeed! It was very thoughtful, too. So I don’t understand the criticism and the whole “boycott the show” thing that followed. Very immature and disrespectful for the whole team, including Alycia who got so upset about it…


      4. Indeed. It’s like losing a friend or family at times… But it’s still fictional. The actors, crew and fans are very real, though, and a little sensibility goes a long way.


  3. OMG I am a marshmallow for Logan too! I was so happy when they made that movie because uhhh my heart! Just talking about it I just want to gush lol. I also agree with Pacey and Joey OMG Joshua Jackson! ❤
    Ugh I hated Ross and Rachel but that's because I hate Ross. He was always complaining and whining and I feel like he never treated people right. it's been a while since I watched the show, but I don't like him.
    YES Hyde and Jackie! Those two were my favourite when they got together you have no idea how happy I was. Hyde was my favourite character! 😀
    #TeamJess I had to add that! 😛 Clearly I loved this post a lot! 😀


      1. OMG ME TOO! I wish there was another movie… or you know the show never ended! 😛
        I liked the ending of Dawson’s Creek; the show isn’t my favourite but I love Joshua Jackson, OH and I also loved Jack on that show 😀 Even if he was gay.
        I like Ross for his antics because that’s a lot of what I remember from Friends, like the classic “I’M FINE” or “I’m making fajitas” omg “My Sandwich” was a good one too. Otherwise I didn’t care of him.
        ME TOO! Ugh I wish I could date Hyde haha! 😛


      1. Yes I am caught up with The Originals but not with Vampire Diaries, shock horror, but I was so hoping when Caroline went to New Orleans that something would spark with her and Klaus but no such luck 🙂


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