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Ten Unique Book Characters

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about unique books.  Listing our top ten books in a genre, or top ten books that had a unique plot.  I thought it was an interesting topic, and it immediately brought to mine all the unique characters that I’ve read over the years.  I thought that would make great discussion.

The top ten characters I’ve found to be the most unique, from any genre.  Would any of these be on your list?


mosquitoland1. Mim Malone from Mosquitoland

Mim Malone won my Birdie Bookworm award in 2016 for best character.  There was something truly magical about Mim.  She had a burden on her shoulders that no teenager should have to carry, and sometimes she was cynical and a little rude, but she was also wonderfully imaginative and introspective.  She was the best part of reading her journey.

good-boy2. Blake Riley from Good Boy

Blake’s individuality was almost the plot of Good Boy, and in a sense it was a big part of US too.  Everything about Blake Riley is larger than life.  He’s practically booming, both in his looks and in his personality.  Everything about him filled the room, even the room in our head as we were reading.  He is monumental.  I don’t know how else to describe him.

How to Be a Normal Person3. Gustavo Tiberius from How to be a Normal Person

I’ve never read another character like Gus.  He’s so beautifully awkward and cantankerous you can’t help but adore him.  I love that he’s in the Ford Taurus fandom, because who does that?!  I love that he has a ferret named Harry S Truman.  I love that he owns/runs a video movie rental store.  Everything about Gustavo Tiberius is original.  Even his name.

cream-of-the-crop4. Natalie Grayson from Cream of the Crop

I knew I’d fallen in love with Natalie Grayson when I read this line, “Size-eighteen women were supposed to dress like they were apologizing for taking up too much space. Fuck all that noise.”  Even though our personalities couldn’t be more different, Natalie Grayson is my hero.  She’s the best written woman I’ve ever read in a romance novel.

Red Rising5. Sevro from Red Rising

I love the Red Rising trilogy, but if I were asked to name the one thing that kept me coming back it would be Sevro.  That little Goblin quickly became my favorite character, and he remained my favorite through all three books.  That vicious little guy has the biggest heart hidden behind all those sharp edges.  I can’t wait to read more in Iron Gold.

hell-high-water6. Dex Daley from Hell & High Water

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Dex in the beginning.  However, from the moment he went to battle for a bag of Cheese Doodles I knew I was in for some of the best antics in Romantic Urban Fantasy ever.  With every snarky line, every scene where he pokes fun at Ash, and every sweet moment with Sloane I love Dex more and more.

Raven Boys7. Ronan Lynch from The Raven Boys

Maybe I’m super predictable, but I knew early on that Ronan was going to be my favorite character.  Maybe it was Chainsaw, but I just knew there was something more inside him than what we were seeing.  Then, on top of that darkness we got all those secrets about Ronan that I can’t post here… Everything about the creation of Ronan Lynch was unique.

Warm Bodies8. R from Warm Bodies

This one is a given, I think.  I mean, what’s more unique than a Zombie who wants to be alive?  R can still rationalize.  He protects someone, cares for them, and falls in love.  He’s able to heal himself.  On top of that he has one of the most interesting inner dialogues I’ve ever read.  (I’m also talking about R from the first book, not the second.)

captive-prince9. Prince Laurent from Captive Prince

This one is probably no surprise, because I pimp out Captive Prince any chance I get.  It’s also true, Laurent is one of the most original and captivating characters I’ve had the pleasure of reading about.  His character is so multi-faceted and complicated that even though you start out hating him, you will love him in the end.  I know I did.

Breaking the Rules10. Izzy Zanella from Troubleshooters

I’ve read every single Troubleshooters book, and so many of them were amazing.  This Troubleshooters world contains so many characters, and each character is prominent.  Currently most of them have faded away.  Not Izzy Zanella.  His mouth, and his random singing, and his snark, will all stay with me forever.  I guarantee you’ve never read another like him.

Spencer Cohen 1Runner Up – Spencer Cohen from Spencer Cohen Series

I have to add here that I really wanted to include Spencer Cohen in this list.  I left him out only because my read was so recent, I have to be sure he’ll stick with me.  Right now though, I think that if I were asked this a year from now Spencer would definitely be on this list, looking dapper in his 3/4 length pants, bow tie, and suspenders. 

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  1. Sonia @ The Book Wielding Harpie

    Oooohhh Dex… I totally agree with you in this one. I am terrible late on this series (only read book #1), but I loved Dex to pieces.


  2. I’m just reading the Captive Prince series for the first time right now, and I was marveling over what a fantastic and original mastermind of a character Laurent is. One minute I’m in love with him and the next I’m like WHY DID YOU DO THAT while at the same time admiring how cunning he is. I just began Kings Rising and I can’t wait to see how things end up.


      1. I know right! I finished the first book and was like….WOW how are they ever going to fall in love? But the second book was fantastic in building their relationship. And already the 3rd book has me dying and I’m only a few chapters in.


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