Top Ten Tuesday | Happy Mother’s Day!

Ten Books with Stellar Mom’s!

I spent a lot of time deliberating on what theme I should take with Top Ten Tuesday’s Mother’s Day theme.  I was actually leaning toward a post about mom’s who should be better.  Here’s the deal though, Mother’s work so hard and this day is supposed to be about celebrating all that hard work.  I can’t play with this theme.  I want to celebrate Fiction’s amazing mom’s for Mother’s Day.  So, here are the mom’s that inspired me.

Harry Potter1. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

As all of you know that you can’t build a list of brilliant mother’s without including Molly Weasley.  Not only was she there for every single one of her children, she also emotionally adopted Harry and cared for him with the same devotion.  She is the epitome of fictional mothers, and she was perfectly brought to life by Julie Walters.

Tell Me It's Real2. Matty Auster from Tell Me It’s Real

There was so much to love about Tell Me It’s Real.  There was the depth of friendship between Paul and Sandy, and the comedy, and Wheels… so much.  The biggest strength of the series is the amazing family that raised Paul.  Especially Matty.  I adore her compassion and acceptance!

Raven Boys3. Maura Sargent by The Raven Boys

Maura Sargent is another mother that I thought was wonderful.  The way she was with Blue was really great.  I loved how she put her daughter first and raised her to be independent and confident.  Blue didn’t take crap from anyone, and she got that from her mother.

Carry the Ocean4. Marietta Washington from Carry the Ocean

Marietta was a perfect mother in her own right, but in comparison to Jeremey’s horrible family her kindness and support of Emmett really stood out.  She was worried about her son going out into the world, but rather than hold him back she tried to help him succeed.  I loved her.

demon-king5. Willo Watersong from The Demon King

Willo Watersong is a bit like Molly to me.  Not only is she a great mother to Hayden Fire Dancer, but she also had a large hand in raising Han Alister too.  She was maternal and a care taker to both boys, and I actually think that I see more of her in Han than his own mother.

Saving Francesca6. Mia Spinelli from Saving Francesca

I loved Mia and how she tried to convince her daughter to reach for more.  She wanted Francesca to soar and not be held back by indecisiveness and fear.  Even though Mia herself was going through so much, with her depression, you never doubted her love for her children.

Wonder7. Isabel Pullman by Wonder

Auggie actually a pretty special family all around, but I loved his mom’s worry for him and strength in letting him step out in the world.  I’m not sure I would have been that brave, honestly.  I have a hard time letting my own daughter out in the world, and her story isn’t as hard as Auggie’s.

him8. Cindy Canning from Him

Again, I love the entire Canning family, but there was a particular scene when Cindy gave Wes the mug that she made for him, engraved with her love, that she snuck into my heart.  Wes needed a family so badly, and she gave that to him.  It even made me cry.

Fault in Our Stars9. Frannie Lancaster from The Fault in our Stars

There was one particular scene, when she knew that her daughter was going to have sex, and she said that she was okay with it.  We as the reader knew that it was because she wanted her daughter to live a full life in the time that she had.  That was the moment I knew I loved her.

a-monster-calls10. Mum from A Monster Calls

We never actually find out what Conor’s mom’s name was.  He just calls her ‘Mum’.  She’s also sick the entire time, but the flashbacks we get of the two of them, plus the love we feel flowing from her to Conor was palpable.  She loved her son so much and didn’t want to leave him.

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29 Responses

  1. Becky

    I love Maura from The Raven Boys! She’s honestly one of my characters and such a good mom. Another mom I really love is the Star’s Mom in The Hate U Give


  2. Oh my gosh yes to another Maura and a Willo. Willo was the best. Also I can’t believe I forgot about mom from A Monster Calls for my bookish mom post on Sunday. Bad me.


  3. Zoe

    YES TO ALL OF THESE. Molly Weasley is such an amazing mother and I don’t think any list of the best fictional mothers would be complete without her. ❤ And Auggie and Conor's moms from Wonder and A Monster Calls are amazing too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤


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