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Welcome to our second round of ‘From Birdie’s Flock’!  I have to admit, this is one of my favorite features.  I love seeing what my friends and family comes up with.

This time I’d like to welcome back Amanda Banana, who you may or may not remember from this Halloween Post, where she discussed her favorite scary movies with my husband, Mr. Birdie.  

This week she’s going to talk about her favorite reads, and all the reasons they meant so much to her.

Thank you for visiting, Banana!
(FYI, she would say I bullied her into both posts but I know she secretly loves it!)


Birdie the ladybug, and Amanda Banana the kitty!

Top 5 Books

1. Stephen King – IT

itI was 13 years old the first time I picked this book up and was absolutely captivated from start to finish.

The book goes back and forth  between the kids in the summer of 1958 to the adults they become in 1985 as they face the ancient evil known as Pennywise.  I love the bonds that are formed and the rich backstory you get in all the characters.  I reread this book from time to time and it still gives me chills.

I’d try to write something funny about this book, but let’s be real- there is nothing funny about Pennywise.

2. Melina Marchetta – Saving Francesca

Saving FrancescaWhen I first became friends with Birdie, we came up with this idea that I would read 7 of her books if she would read 7 of mine.  I have to say it was a great idea because she picked Saving Francesca and it was the first book to ever make me cry.  It just so happens that this ultra embarrassing act happened while I was with Birdie at work!  Thankfully she respectfully averted her eyes, to give me a little privacy while I cried like a baby.

The book deals with a teenage girl handling her mother’s depression & slowly realizing that she is depressed herself.  She has a group of friends that are going through the same things she is, just in their own ways.  Through it all they support each other.  It’s written in the most realistic way and tugs at your heart strings.

Thanks for making me read this one Birdie!  ((You’re very welcome, Banana.  And you should listen to me more often.))

Sorry Birdie, but your powers of persuasion only stretch so far.

3. Natalie Babbitt – Tuck Everlasting

Tuck EverlastingI was forced to read this book at school, but I ended up adoring it.  I loved that it’s technically a children’s book but it’s still about adult decisions.

I was so happy with the ending, when Winnie decides she can’t be immortal with Jesse because she’d be missing out on living a full life.  It sends a positive message to girls that love is not the end all, be all, of life.

4. Stephen King – Eyes of the Dragon

eyes dragonThis is my favorite S.K. book.  It’s set in a world of kings, dragons, and sorcerers.  It’s about the power of jealousy and the perseverance to continue on even through your darkest times.

One of my favorite parts of this story is how Tom overcomes his own jealousy and does the right thing in the end.  It’s a wonderful old fashioned ‘Good vs. Evil’ story.

5. J.R. Ward – Lover Eternal

lover-eternalLover Eternal is my all time favorite love story.  Rhage & Mary are perfect for each other.  They compliment each other in the best ways.  Their story is the perfect blend of seriousness, comedy, and romance.

I love them together so much that given the chance I would never steal Rhage from Mary.

((Shouldn’t you mention that this was another Birdie recommendation, Banana??  Don’t try to slip that under the radar!))

You’re absolutely right!  The way you spoke about this series made it seem like much so much more fun than just your average romance. Antidisestablishmentarianism, LOL!!

Honorable Mention – The Long Walk by Stephen King

The Long Walk

Just trust me and read it.  It’s only 384 pages.  You could probably crank that out in a day.

You’ll thank me later.  Trust me.

And if you can’t tell, SK is my all time favorite writer.

She’s not lying.  She’s a Stephen King fanatic.

In fact, those 7 books we traded… I bet after this blog post you can guess three of the books she passed my way.

I read every single one, and enjoyed them.

Have you read any of these?  Would they make the top of your list?

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