Monthly Media Mashup

Where do I even start… I’ve been doing so much catching up, and I still have so much more to do!

Let’s see, I got caught up on Supernatural.

That’s right, we are now current through all 12 seasons!  Whoop whoop!  The downside, I’ll have to wait forever to watch season 13.  I may break down and watch it on the CW app, because I’m not sure I can handle a full year until it hits Netflix.


I hear a lot people talking about how it’s not as good as early seasons, and I’m probably one of the rare few who disagree.  I struggled getting invested in Supernatural early on.  I think season 1 is one of the weakest, and I’m one of the few who think the show really hit its stride when Castiel joined the main cast.  I definitely prefer the newer episodes to the older ones.  However, there are also a lot of faces that I miss.  I do think they kill people off too quickly.  I want to get invested in a woman on this show, as I’ve heard so many others say.  I really hoped that woman would be Charlie.  Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Oh, and speaking of the ‘Supers’, I’m also officially caught up on Arrow.  That cliffhanger though, right!  I sure didn’t see that coming.  I guess it really is the end of an era.  Season 5 brought all of Oliver’s pre-prodigal son flashbacks to an end, and they sure did wave fairwell with a kaboom.  Literally.  I have a feeling that we’re going to lose someone, and I’ll tell you what, it had better not be Felicity.  Or Rene.  Or Dinah.  Or Diggle… okay, the only one that can go is Slade, and I’m being generous.  I actually like him.


I’m not completely caught up yet with Flash or Supergirl, but I’m working my way through them.  I’m little more than halfway.  I’ve at least made it to the musical episode, because Birdie loves musical episodes.  Plus, Darren Criss!  Birdie also loves Darren Criss.  And Blaine.  And Glee.  Ah Glee… Flash was like a wonderful aca-awesome reunion with Melissa Benoist, Darren Criss, and Grant Gustin.  The only thing better is if Lea or Chris had popped up.

Anyway, back to what actually happened.  Who’d have guessed that Winn and Cysco had such amazing voices!  I loved that.  Winn especially.  I truly bought him as a piano playing singer.  He was great!


As far as Flash‘s plot, I’m definitely not invested.  I’m over Savitar, and I’m ready for them to figure out who it is and beat him already.  On the other hand, I’m definitely invested in Supergirl.  It’s pretty much all thanks to Chris Wood.  I’m so into Mon-El’s character that I keep forgetting exactly what Supergirl‘s plot is even about this season.  I’m honestly watching just for more Kara and Mon-El romance.  I swear, good/evil, witch/alien, Chris Wood is always hot and so much fun to watch.  (I was uncomfortably crazy about him as sociopathic Kai Parker from Vampire Diaries, thankfully I can love him without feeling bad on Supergirl!)  Last night I couldn’t stop staring at his face and thinking that he would make an excellent Prince Rhy, should Shades of Magic ever become a movie.  He has that charm, the looks, the flirty demeanor.  Such perfection.  Don’t believe me?  Watch season 2 of Supergirl. Whew…

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Friends is one of my favorite television shows, like it is for most people.  I’ve seen all of the episodes so many times, my husband and I quote it to each other regularly.

Baby Chick and I have recently started watching them together.  We’re up to season 6, and it’s been so much fun seeing her laugh and get caught up in all the drama.  I love to see her frustration at Ross and Rachel for waiting so damn long.  I think it’s hilarious the way she’s started to crack ‘Chandler’ like jokes.  Being able to watch with her has made the show seem fresh again to me.  I’m laughing harder, and seeing everything through new eyes.  That’s been so much fun.  I still wish we’d someday get that Friends reunion.  I know everyone would tune in.


Finally, steering the conversation away from television and toward movies, my husband and I saw Spiderman: Homecoming!  I’ve seen a lot of blogs gushing about this movie, and I’m about to be just one more of them!  It was everything that a Marvel movie should be.  It had a great cast, excellent dialogue, and Tony Stark.  Peter was the perfect teenage boy, and he had the awesomeist of best friend sidekicks.  I also thought the sorta awkward paternal relationship developing between Peter and Tony was pretty hilarious.  I know everyone loves Pepper, but I secretly harbor the wish to see Tony hook up with Aunt May and make that little family official.

BUT, aside from Tom Holland and the amazeballs that are the Marvel movies, the best thing to come out of Spiderman: Homecoming was Zendaya as Michelle.  She was brilliant, the character was brilliant, and I’m excited for the sequel just for more of her totally rebel badassness!


I’m all out of big screen and small screen things to talk about, so I’m signing off now.  Next month I’ll hopefully have a ton of Game of Thrones random thoughts that you can pretend to read.  😀

What are you watching this summer?


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22 Responses

  1. I loved Spiderman, too! I’m so glad it wasn’t another origin story and it really fit into the current Marvel universe. And I actually loved the ending – kinda surprising!


  2. Awww, I can imagine how much fun it must be to watch Friends with your daughter. I’m rewatching The Big Bang Theory with my son right now and we’re having a blast giggling at all of the nerd humor. 🙂


      1. thelivingbooktree

        Yes he plays the lead in that one. I Belive there is a bootleg as well of him playing Clyde Barrow in Bonnie&Clyde musical to. But newsies live he has the lead and I think you can see the live recording in full 🙂


      2. thelivingbooktree

        Yes he is one of My faves coming to Musicals If you want watch the series SMASH he is in it season 2 and he is signing all the time 🙂


      3. thelivingbooktree

        Do they Sing in supergirl? Isnt that a cross over on the flash? Because I have seen all season of Supergirl and they just Said that if we wanted to see it we had to see the flash 😛


      4. thelivingbooktree

        yes really like her but it must have been in season 3 in flash because I have just seen to the finale in season 2 of that show 😛


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