July 2017 Recap & What’s Coming Next

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Books that I rated between a 4.5 and a 5:

some-kind-of-hero Skin after Skin Wildfire Illegal Contact

Books that I rated between a 3.5 and a 4.5:

 First we were IV Gentelmans Guide to Vice and Virtue Shadow and Bone Antisocial Promise of Fire

Books that I rated between a 2.5 and a 3.5:

Hello Forever Barrel Proof



The High’s & Low’s!

So many highs!  This was a month that gave me 3 of my favorite series or authors, and it also brought me my second read by Santino Hassel.  All four were definitely the best books I read in July.

Even if everything else I read in July was horrible, I would still consider this a great month.  Luckily I was even blessed with a novel by Heidi Cullinan that was so adorable and romantic I melted, and I was able to read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue which, for anyone who’s read it, we can all agree was funny and sweet.

I also read Shadow & Bone and A Promise of Fire, both of which are really popular books.  I did enjoy both reads, but neither blew me away.  I think, if I hadn’t read Six of Crows first I probably would have loved Shadow & Bone, but Six of Crows was so unique that for me it overshadowed the original.  A Promise of Fire was fun, but it was far more of a ‘romance novel’ than I expected.  Not a bad thing, but I do think that was why I believe, for me, it could have been better.  It needed more emphasis on the plot and less on the love story.

Finally, I listened to the audio of Us, and if you haven’t then I highly recommend.  Obviously start with book one, Him, because if you’re a fan of audio then you won’t be disappointed.

Next Month Reads

On the Schedule

The Long and Winding Road Siege

The Potentials

Kids of Appetite Breath of Fire Eliza Buns Sunset Park

I’m so looking forward to August.  I managed to hold out on ARC’s, mostly, leaving plenty of open time for me to just read, without a schedule.  I love Birdie Bookworm, so much, but sometimes it’s hard to read on a schedule.  Especially when there are so many ARC’s with a deadline.  For August my goal is to relax and read the books I’ve been looking forward to, but they keep getting pushed back.  I’m going to finally read Buns and Kids of Appetite.  I’m going to continue Five Boroughs, and Kingmaker Chronicles.  Plus, I am so excited to read Eliza and Her Monsters.  I really hope I love it as much as everyone else has.

I’m looking forward to a more relaxed month!

Was your July as good for you as it was for me?
I want to hear all about it!  Don’t hold back.  🙂

Do you have any special plans for August?
It doesn’t even have to be about books?  Tell me about everything.

About Birdie

Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

14 Responses

  1. Ooo it seems you’ve had a pretty productive July reading-wise! And it’s good that most of the books you read you felt were between a 3.5 and a 5! Having the opportunity to read a lot is always good, but more so when you enjoy those books too. I wish I’d been this productive. I’m such a slow reader it’s unreal! I can devour some books in a day or two, but then others I’ll be poring over them for a week or more!
    Also, the cover for ‘Barrel Proof’ completely through me. I know some books have cover twins and I swear I’ve seen that guy gazing at the camera on another book before. Always gives me a weird sense of deja vu 😛


      1. I saw a cover the other day and I could not get my head around the cover models being other characters! I was reading the blurb and thinking “What are you talking about!? That’s not her name!” 😛
        I’m s pretty generous rater too. I think you saw my post a few months back about it, but I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being generous and enjoying the books you read 😀


  2. Nice overview. I have been seeing a lot of good comments about the gentleman’s guide. I guess it will go on my TBR. I’ve also heard good stuff about Eliza and Her Monsters, I’ve already put that one on hold. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.


  3. Wow! you really had a busy July. I’m super impressed! I completely get what you mean about needing a break and not being able to read on a schedule. Other than my book club books, I don’t schedule any reads. It makes me a TERRIBLE NetGalley participant. But, oops! I hope to improve some day. 😉

    I am gearing August up to be a great month. I’ve got some amazing books on deck, and I can’t wait to get to them. In particular, I am excited for Janesville: An American Story and Snow Crash. So many good books… so little time!


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