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About the Book: Family is not always defined by blood. It’s defined by those who make us whole—those who make us who we are.

And here, at the end, Bear and Otter will be tested like they’ve never been before.

There’s a knock at the door from a little girl who has nowhere else to go.

There’s a phone ringing, bringing news they do not expect.

There’s a brother returning home after learning how to stand on his own.

As these moments converge, all of their lives will change forever.

Beginning in Bear, Otter, and the Kid, and continuing in Who We Are and The Art of Breathing, TJ Klune has told a saga of family and brotherhood, of love and sacrifice. In this final chapter, the events of the past pave the long and winding road toward a future no one could have imagined.

Bear, Otter and the Kid #4
M/M Contemporary
Dreamspinner Press | August 11, 2017
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We have lived.  We have loved.  We have lost.
But we are standing.

Oh my gosh, so many tears!

On Twitter, TJ kept telling his readers how we were going to cry but I secretly didn’t think I would.  I was wrong.  I cried multiple times while reading.  Especially in the last chapter.  I’m pretty sure I even made the deep sob sound.

The thing is, when you start Bear, Otter and the Kid Tyson is so little.  Bear was only 18.  We got to read their whole lives, and we love them.  Now, just like TJ, we are saying goodbye and that is so hard.  I’m not ready.  I only just discovered these guys a year ago, and I love them.

The Long and Winding Road is hard to review.  It’s the end of one really long story, and to talk about it is to give away the end of their saga.  All I can say is everything works out exactly how it should for Bear, Ty, and especially for Otter.  When you imagine your favorite story, and how you want it to end, that’s exactly what I got in this book.  I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t be happy with how this ended.

Also, I think what really got me was being back in Bear’s head.  I’ve always loved his perspective more than anyone else’s.  I love his inner dialogue and his humor, and I think the switch to Ty’s perspective in the third book was the only reason why it was my least favorite.  Obviously it could only have been from Ty’s perspective, and it was good, I just really love Bear.

That’s my review.  It’s not the best one of I’ve ever written, but it’s honest.  Would I like more books, heck yes.  I’ll always want more of what I love.  However, I’m thrilled with how this series turned out.  I love this family.  I’ll be rereading it again and again.

Thank you to Dreamspinner Press for providing a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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9 Responses

  1. It is always super hard to review the final book in a series. Or, really, most series books other than the first one! I’m so glad that this book really connected with you. I should totally look into reading this series. It’s obvious you adore all these characters and they have some amazing growth. It totally sounds like my bag. 😀


  2. Beware Of The Reader

    Any tissued left? 😉 I have only read Wolfsong so faf but found it incredible and emotional so I’m not astonished.


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