The Book Aesthetic Tag

I love Aesthetic’s!  They’re so beautiful.  I wasn’t actually tagged for this, but it’s so unique and interesting.  I love tags that with a unique spin to them, so I wasn’t going to let this pass me by.  Thanks to Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff who was the creator of this amazing tag!


  • Thank whoever nominated you
  • Credit the creator of this tag – The Writing Hufflepuff
  • There’s no limit of how many aesthetics you can make for a question, but don’t go crazy
  • Make your OWN aesthetics, please don’t copy from someone else

Favorite book of the year!


It was hard to choose, because I’ve read some pretty good books, but I’m going to go with Nevernight.  It was written in 2016, but I read it this year.  It was spectacular!

Character you relate to a lot!


Cath from Fangirl really hit me hard.  Her level of introversion was so much like my own, and how much of herself she put online vs what she put out in the real world.  Many found her annoying, but I understood her.

A character you look up to!


As much as I’m more like Cath, I definitely wish I was a Lila.  She’s fearless and strong.  I’m normally a fan of the intellectual strength over brute strength, but Delilah is champion of both.

An underrated gem!


What I wouldn’t give to have other people to talk to about Friday Brown.  I don’t think a book has ever broken me the way this story did.  Definitely one of my all time favorites.

A character that deserves more love!


One of the strongest characters I’ve ever read was Quintana of Charyn.  I’d say a lot of Lumatere fans would agree, but I think there need to be a lot more Lumatere fans.  Quintana definitely deserves all the love.

An underrated OTP


I’m not sure what classifies as ‘underrated’, however I feel like Casey and Gus should be as beloved as Wes and Jamie.  (My other favorite M/M couple.)
Gus and Casey are perfection.


Oh my goodness!  That took me so much longer than I thought it would!!  (I think I even got a little lazy with my Normal Person quote, but I’m so tired.)  Despite how much time it took, this was probably the most creative tag I’ve ever done.

If you want to challenge yourself, please join in and ping me so I can check yours out.

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Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

11 Responses

  1. This tag looks like fun! I loved your aesthetics 🙂 The quotes on the right side made me want to read the books so badly, they catch my attention like a food advertisement would 😛 Have a great week Birdie!


  2. Hope you had fun doing my tag! I love your aesthetics and how you included quotes as well. I relate a lot to Cath to! It was the first time I read a book with a character that was so much like me, it felt so good! 🙂


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