Top 5 Tuesday | Books I Want for Christmas!

I have this thing about other people surprising me with books.  I kind of feel like a readers tastes are as unique as our fingerprints.  No two readers will ever love all of the same books.  Most of the time I don’t end up reading the gift, because it doesn’t interest me, and then I feel awful!
However, if my family were reading this and looking for book buying ideas what books would I point them to?
Here are my 5 books… well, five book buy ideas anyway.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


25th Anniversary of Dragonfly in Amber!

Oh my, I want this soooo bad!  I have Outlander’s 25th Anniversary Edition on my bookshelf at home, and it’s so beautiful!  It’s one of my prized possessions.  Unfortunately I struggle with outright buying it for myself because I already own 2 copies of this book.  However, if it were a gift  it would be so cherished and gorgeous on my bookshelf!


The Outlandish Companion, Vol1 – Revised
The Outlandish Companion, Vol2

I already own the original Outlandish Companion, but then they went and revised it!  Now mine is outdated and I have to have the new one.  Especially because I still need volume 2 and the two books looks so beautiful side by side!  (Especially next to me 25th Anniversary edition Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber!)

Outlandish Companion 1 Outlandish Companion 2

The All for the Game Trilogy in print!

For a long time I didn’t even think Nora Sakavic published these in print!  I remember reading an article where she explained why she wouldn’t ever create physical copies of the trilogy, and then about a month ago I read a second article that stated she was changing her position.  I immediately started looking for them, and now I covet owning this series and having it on my bookshelf!

The Foxhole Court The Raven King The King's Men

Any TJ Klune Books!

I already own How to be a Normal Person and Wolfsong in paperback, but I really want more of them!  In fact, I want all of them!  In particular, I’d love to have the entire Bear, Otter, and the Kid series.  I’d also love to have the Verania books on my shelf.  With Ravensong and How to be a Normal Person 2 coming out, I really need to just start buying!

Into this River Bear lightning-struck-heart

New Books in Series I Collect!

I started collecting series that aren’t sold in stores, only online.  It’s just harder to stay on top of it that way.  So, I’m one book behind on my Renegade X books, I need US to go with my copy of HIM, and I need both Spook Squad and Skin After Skin for my PsyCop collection!  All would make great gifts.

Phobia Renegade X businessman working on laptop  in black suit Spook Squad

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13 Responses

  1. Great list! I still have yet to read the Outlander series…… I know! I swear i’m the only one who hasn’t! I own the first book and plan to get to it soon. But I bought books 4,5,6 for my mother in law for christmas! LOL!!
    Thanks for participating in 2017! Hope to see you in 2018! Have a Merry Christmas and I hope all of these are under your tree Christmas morning 🙂


  2. It can be so hard to give books as gifts! Every time I give a friend a book I think they will totally love, it ends up not being their cup of tea. I loved Outlander but I don’t think I’ve heard of the outlandish companion– I’ll have to check that out.
    My TTT


  3. I know what you mean about getting books as gifts. One the one hand, I’ve love for people to give me books… but it’s so unlikely that someone would get me just what I want. So, I end up treating myself whenever I get a gift card… and I ended up splurging on the 25th anniversary Dragonfly in Amber! I ordered it from Poisoned Pen so I could get it signed by Diana Gabaldon, and I love it! (And yes, I have a few copies alread, but that’s okay!). I love the Companion books too. I hope someone buying you gifts this year sees this this post and gets inspired!


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