Blog Posts I Loved in January

This is one of my favorite memes.  I love that it’s only once a month, and I love that it’s all about showing love for our blogging friends.

Thanks so much, Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books, for creating it!


Confessions of a Tea Sippin Blogger:
I Live in a Home of Non-Readers

I think a lot of us can relate to Danielle, I think.  At least, I know I can.  I live in a house where my daughter is sometimes a reader, and my husband isn’t at all.  I feel like non-readers don’t really understand us… but, I guess I’d also have to say that we don’t always understand non-readers either.  It was definitely food for thought, and chuckles.  It was food for chuckles.

When You Are Struggling to Write Reviews

I love the way Alex wrote this article. I  loved her pointing out how useful a Kindle is for reviewing.  I definitely use my highlight feature and the ability to easily drop in a note.  When I’m reading a print book I try to find ways to mark where I’m at, like little pieces of paper, because there’s no way I’m highlighting my book.  My kindle is non-negotiable.  I also liked what she said about writing your review immediately.  Really, the whole thing was interesting and worth checking out.

6 Links for the Weekend

I love little fun quick blog posts like this one.  Jen definitely made me stop and laugh.  I especially loved the first cartoon, about trying to get a picture of your kid.  Anyone out there who has kids knows just how honest it is, and that’s what makes it so funny.  #parentproblems.  I hope you guys like this post too.

Bullet Journaling for the Rest of Us

I’m addicted to all the posts out there about Bullet Journaling.  They all look so awesome, and the creating of lists and the pretty colors, all of it looks fantastic!  It also looks incredibly intimidating.  I feel like so much work goes into the creation of a bullet journal that I wonder how I’ll ever find the time, but even more important, how will I find the creativity?  I am not an artist!  So, that’s why I stopped on Justine’s post, because how does the rest of us create a serviceable bullet journal?  She completely inspired me and made me feel like I can do this too, and that’s why I think this may have been my favorite post in January.

I can’t wait to see what posts others chose to highlight this month!

Thanks again for creating a really fun monthly meme, Kristin!

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