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It’s time for our next Kate Daniels discussion, Magic Bleeds. Magic Bleeds is where it all changes for Kate and The Pack. Kate begins to trust, because Curran proves how much he cares for her, and everything begins to change.

This is the second half of our conversation, and you don’t want to miss the beginning. So, pop over to BaBAMB to read part 1, and while you’re there hit the follow button. Angie Elle is an amazing blogger!

*Please be advised that since this is a discussion, there will be spoilers.

Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels #4
Urban Fantasy
Berkley Publishing Group | June, 2010

About the Book: Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for the magic. When the magic is up, rogue mages cast their spells and monsters appear, while guns refuse to fire and cars fail to start. But then technology returns, and the magic recedes as unpredictably as it arose.
Kate Daniels works for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, officially, as a liaison with the mercenary guild. Unofficially, she cleans up the paranormal problems no one else wants to handle—especially if they involve Atlanta’s shapeshifting community.
When she’s called in to investigate a fight at the Steel Horse, a bar on the border between the territories of the shapeshifters and the necromancers, Kate quickly discovers there’s a new player in town. One who’s been around for thousands of years—and rode to war at the side of Kate’s father.
This foe may be too much even for Kate and Curran, the Beast Lord, to handle. Because this time Kate will be taking on family…



Spoilers Galore

Part 2

Birdie Bookworm: I loved how Kate did whatever she could to stay with Curran. I loved that the whole conversation with Aunt B, about whether she wanted everything that came with Curran, completely went out the window when she was confronted with actually losing him.

Angie Elle: What I took from the conversation with Aunt B was that she was essentially telling Kate what came with being the Beast Lord’s mate, not asking if it was something she was willing to live with.
Oh, yeah. When push came to shove, Kate was in it to win it. And the only ones who had her back were Derek and Jim.

Birdie Bookworm: Perhaps. I just thought about how Kate was almost arguing, asking why she couldn’t have Curran and not the pack. Aunt B kind of had to make her face the fact that Curran came with the pack. They are one in the same. And even when she admitted to herself that Aunt B was right, she was still questioning whether it was something she could handle or not.

Angie Elle: I think that was something Kate always knew; she was just fighting her attraction to Curran so hard that she was grasping at straws.

Birdie Bookworm: However, when it came right down to it, that conversation wasn’t even in her thoughts. She wasn’t leaving Curran’s side, so that meant she’d have to become alpha so that’s what she did.

Angie Elle: Yeah – Kate is good at rising to the occasion and doing what needs to be down.

Birdie Bookworm: Hey! Jim didn’t get me so upset this time around! I was reading and going, well this is a nice side of Jim. Telling Kate she can contact him if she needs help. Actually being supportive. I also thought it was funny when Kate was teasing him about Dali.

Angie Elle: Yes, and all the rest of the pack, who supposedly had respect for Curran proved they didn’t here. When push came to shove, it was Jim who had his alpha’s back. Everyone else feel short until Kate asserted her dominance.

Birdie Bookworm: Jim, Derek and Aunt B all stood beside her. That was great.
I thought it was interesting that Hugh is protecting Kate. I mean, I did remember that when the crocodile shifter popped into the story. It really made me curious about getting Hugh’s book. He’s been more villain than hero for so long, and while I do find him interesting and will read the book, I’m wondering how he’ll be redeemable.

Angie Elle: At this point, I have no interest in Hugh’s book. I think he is a formidable opponent for Kate, but that’s as far as it goes for me. Hugh protecting Kate has always pissed me off, because he is essentially saving her from death so her father can have the privilege. I mean, that may change, but he doesn’t know that. My re-reads will tell, but I don’t think there was ever a point in this series where I felt anything but disdain for Hugh.

Birdie Bookworm: I definitely did. I think it’s coming up too, so that should make a very interesting discussion. I kinda love it when we disagree.

Angie Elle: It does make for interesting conversation!
Overall I thought this was a solid installment to the Kate Daniels series. I feel like it’s here where we finally get a glimpse of what the future holds for her future as far as her father is concerned, and Kate and Curran finally mated! That was enough to leave me smiling!

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4 Responses

  1. bookwormbrandee

    I’d totally forgotten about that discussion with Aunt B. And yes, the pack certainly proved themselves as not respectful of Curran. But Jim! I love Jim. And Derek, too. I’d also forgotten about Hugh. Geez! It’s been…yikes! almost 8 years since I read this. Yep, a re-read is in order!

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  2. Just came over from part 1 of the discussion. Haven’t read these but probably will at some point, as I’ve heard they’re one of the better UF series out there. The Atlanta setting and the ebb and flow of magic thing sounds really cool. Fun discussion!

    Liked by 1 person

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