New Release Review | In Other Words… Murder by Josh Lanyon

In other words murderIn Other Words… Murder by Josh Lanyon
Holmes & Moriarity #4
Cozy Mystery M/M

JustJoshin Publishing | July 17, 2018

About the Book:  Death reveals all truths… 

Mystery author and sometimes amateur sleuth Christopher Holmes is settling into domesticity with his sometimes rival, sometimes nemesis J.X. Moriarity when he learns aa body has been discovered in the backyard of his former home. 

To complicate matters, Christopher’s ex turns up accusing Christopher of doing away with his former personal assistant–the man David dumped him for. 

It’s life as usual at Chez Holmes. In other words… Murder.

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I adore this series.  I loves Christopher Holmes as the main character, and I love JX Moriarity as his better half.  I fell crazy in love with them right from the beginning, and because of my love I moved on to other Josh Lanyon’s series.  They’ve all been good, but none have held a candle to Holmes and Moriarity.

As In Other Words… Murder, the fourth book in this series, starts Kit and JX are pretty settled down in their life together, complete as a couple, and happy.  However, when you’re Christopher Holmes trouble is never far away.  I’m not sure why they try for normal, actually.  It’s almost comical how Kit and JX haven’t even been together a year, and yet Kit has found himself embroiled in murder four freaking times.  This is not real life at all, and I don’t even care.  It’s entertaining!

While I do like a book with a full cast of characters, I also have to hand it to Josh Lanyon for being able to write a series that really is only about Kit.  There aren’t a lot of side characters, at least not characters who take a lot of the page time away from our couple.  Sometimes when I read a book I start feeling like I’m reading about everyone else, and not so much about who the book was about, but it’s not a problem in the Holmes and Moriarity series.  We know Kit.  He’s a rehabilitated recluse who’s slightly awkward and self-deprecating, but who loves his boyfriend, his created elderly spinster sleuth and her mystery solving cat.  Yes, I know Kit, the cat doesn’t actually solve mysteries.

Also, I’ve never been a cozy mystery fan.  It’s not a genre I go for, and it never has been.  Somehow Holmes and Moriarity hooked me anyway, and I’ll never miss an installment.  So, Ms Lanyon, I promise I’ll be right here in 2020, awaiting the release of book 5.  I’ve used pen in my datebook, so let’s call it a date.

Rating: 4_5 feather

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