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Top Five

Top 5 Tuesday! 

The idea of ‘tropes’ has always been a tricky one for me.  I think all books follow similar plot lines.  There are only so many out there, and the specifics are what makes each book better or worse.

These are the 5 I HATE!

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


The random surprise baby.

hate this trope.  Hate it with a passion.  No matter how great the book is, this one will always ruin it.  It’s so cliche to me.  Children are fine, if they make sense with the story.  So frequently they just feel thrown in for shock.  Please please give readers some originality!

Breaking Dawn


Evil Step-Parents

Stop.  Just stop.  There is nothing wrong with step-parents.  There’s a stigma, but the reality is they are just people, and there are loving ones and not loving ones.  As a woman from a family with a step-parent, I get so tired of this stereotype.  Show love!
(With that said, I didn’t hate this book.  I only hated the portrayal of the step-parents.)



Bad Boy/Good Boy love triangle

I’m over love triangles in general, but this one’s the worst.  I’ve read a few books with a love triangle where I found that it works.  Infernal Devices is a good example of a truely interesting triangle.  However, the good vs bad love triangle has got to be the most ridiculous.



Warrior/Assassin Heroine

We all love reading strong female characters, especially in YA.  I’m not trying to say there isn’t a place for this type of heroine.  I’m a major Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so I’ve got my love for the badass type.  I just feel like we’re smothered with the same female character type.  Look, I love Veronica Mars just as much as I love Buffy.  Both of them are equally strong, even if Veronica isn’t a 10th degree black belt.  Strength comes from the mind too.

Throne of Glass


Uber Instalove

I’m good with instant attraction.  I can even handle a book with insta-lust.  I get that sometimes you look at someone and the sparks just start flying.  All that is cool.  I’m talking about two characters whose eyes meet across the room and suddenly they’re sacrificing everything for each other because the rest of the world (and the book plot) ceases to mater.  Usually I’ll quit these books.



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25 Responses

  1. YES to the random baby trope. Whenever a TV show has a surprise pregnancy, I always feel like it has jumped the shark a little, and books can be the same way. It just seems like the go-to to continue a series or add drama.


  2. I hate the random surprise baby so much!! Especially if it’s meant to throw a wrench in the romance. OR when the girl finds herself unexpectedly pregnant after the father of the baby dies, or leaves, or something to that nature.


  3. These are all great choices! 🙂 My least favorite trope out of these has got to be the dreaded love triangle. There’s one of those in almost every TV show I watch and it just makes the characters seem really dumb. Just make a choice already, the angst is killing me!


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