Early Review | Stetsons and Stakeouts by BA Tortuga

Stetsons and Stakeouts
by BA Tortuga
M/M Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 11, 2018

About the Book:Gianni Cesare is a DEA agent and rancher—who also happens to be a millionaire heir to an Italian count. Running a multiagency sting out of his East Texas ranch means he needs a new foreman… preferably someone a little wet behind the ears who won’t ask too many questions.

Gianni’s Aunt Jerilyn hires Bonner Fannin, a roughstock rider with zero ranch experience and a sister who’s pregnant with a violent biker’s twins. If that’s not bad enough, Bonner is pretending he and his sister are married to protect her and to help get him the job.

Gianni didn’t think Bonner was the marrying type during their torrid beach affair years ago, but he’s not sure if he has time to explore that thought now, as overrun as his ranch is with drug cartels, macho government agents, and local cops. Looks like Bonner and Gianni are both in over their heads, and they may have to band together during this adventure to swim rather than sink.


There are a few genres I keep reading, just waiting for something spectacular, and cowboy romance happens to be one of them.  I see them, they call my name, and I’m unable to resist.  Unfortunately this one, and most of them sadly, wasn’t the diamond in the rough I’ve been looking for.

I’m going to try my best to review Stetsons and Stakeouts, but I’m already having a hard time remembering the finer details.  I think that pretty much sums up my feelings on the story.  It’s forgettable.

Gianni and Bonner as individual’s had potential to be interesting.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the writing style, and I think it’s part of why I couldn’t get invested in either character.  The other reason was that neither character felt fully fleshed out.  They were far too into each other, and for it being a romance and attraction is important, you know it had to be bad if I’m saying it was too much.  It was almost gross.

I also wasn’t impressed with the case.  Everything was so cliche, and not exciting at all.  In fact, there was only one character I liked and SPOILER ALERT > he dies!!

I hate to be a complainer, but Stetsons and Stakeouts wasn’t at all what I’ve been looking for. 

So, here’s what I need from you: To all the romance fans out there, please send me recommendations!  Maybe if I can find that one special read my search can end.  I need your help!

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