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Book Tag time! I haven’t done one of these in so long, and tonight it sounds like so much fun!

After tag stalking other bloggers I found this one on Bookidote’s website, so I’m going to thank her for posting it so I could steal it.

Thanks Bookidote!

1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

Since I’m coming off a serious book slump, technically I haven’t finished a lot of books. Each and every time I tell myself I will come back to them eventually. The most recent was An Echo of Things to Come. I loved the first book; I just don’t think I’m ready to jump into something that mammoth.

2. Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I could choose a few different books for this one, but for years and years my go to read for going to my happy place has been The Sherbrooke Bride. It’s just a random historical romance, but for some reason I always feel the best when I’m reading this book.

3. Which book do you love to hate?

Super easy answer! The singular book I looooove to hate on is The Thorn Birds. Any chance I get I rant about the absolutely crap this book is! The anger I feel thinking about it… It’s a long book, and I just kept reading and reading, telling myself that book this beloved has GOT to be good. It wasn’t. Finishing that book, it felt like a monster had sucked years off my life. I was seriously pissed.

4. Which book would you throw into the sea?

Another easy question! Hands down, there is one book I wish I could unwrite and make it not exist. It’s right here. I refuse to even type it’s name. Please lord, NOBODY (from our generation) should ever read this book unless you want our Sweet Valley childhood’s ruined!

5. Which book have you read the most?

There’s so many… I think I have to go with the one I started reading the earliest. (I almost have this book memorized.) Charlotte’s Web!

6. Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

I would hate to receive ANY book as a present, if it’s a surprise. I am a firm believer that buying someone a book is a huge risk. We spend lots of time thinking about what book to read, or at least I do, that most of the time you’re not going to buy the right thing. I love people for trying, but only once did anyone ever gift me a book I would read, and I pointed my mom in the right direction first.

7.  Which book could you not live without?

This is like asking a mother to pick a child she can’t live without. I can’t save one book over the other. I need Outlander as much as I need Jellicoe Road. I need Captive Prince as much as I need Him! This is just mean!

8. Which book made you the angriest?

There are a few books I’ve read, and loved, that made me angry. One that I still consistently think about, since I have a teenager daughter, is All the Rage. I can’t even really put into words why it makes me so angry. I mean, it’s about the rape of a teenager so yeah, that always makes me angry. However, what really stayed with me was how the author wrote the long term trauma of the main character. It’s aptly named, because I was full of rage through the whole book.

9. Which book cover do you hate the most?

Lately I’ve started to hate this question. I used to love this topic, but then one of my favorite authors wrote a blog post, and in it he said that the cover of one of his books got so much hate. It upset him, because he loved that cover. It was his first book, therefore it was his first cover, and it was special. He had it framed in his house. After that I just felt like an ass tearing covers down. Instead, I’m going to post a cover that doesn’t fit the book at all, therefore it upsets me; White Hot. (This overly sexual pose and bare chest does Mad Rogan and Nevada SUCH a disservice!)

And look at that! I did one entire tag without including one TJ Klune novel! Is that growth, or is it regress, I don’t know.

Since I technically wasn’t tagged, I’m not going to tag anyone. Instead, if this looks fun to you, go a head and give it a shot. Hit me up and I promise I’ll come read it and comment.

I think, maybe, I’m feeling back in the swing of things! 😀

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Don’t look for her in any bar, club, crazy raging party, or anywhere there may be a large gathering of strangers. She’s more likely to be found tucked into the corner of the couch watching one of her favorite shows, or preferably under a comforter with her current novel.

7 Responses

  1. OMG I didn’t even know there was a Sweet Valley 10 years later book!! (I won’t read it though, thank you for the tip!!)
    I do have to look into HIM because I am a die-hard ice-hockey romance fan (I don’t even know why, we don’t have ice hockey here… maybe it’s a Mighty Ducks childhood hangover?!)
    Also, Melina Marchetta is the greatest – have you read Looking for Alibrandi? It was basically my soul in a book during high school. Iconic and emotional.


      1. Todd is… what?! Nope. Erasing my knowledge of this book entirely.

        Do you know any other good hockey/football romances? I read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me in December and absolutely loved it. I also read the entire Pucked series, and it had its moments too. 💕


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