Top Ten Tuesday | 10 Characters I’d Follow On Socials!

It’s been over a year since I joined a Top Ten Tuesday. The last time was in 2018. However, this topic sucked me right back in. I read that one line:

Ten Characters You’d Follow on Social Network

I was hooked. My brain immediately started making a list in m head. That listed needed out, and I needed to put it somewhere.

Now, that list is your hands.

1. Charley Davidson
Charley Davidson Series

“I once signed up for an anger management class, but the instructor pissed me off.” #angermanagement #bitchpissedmeoff #imnotangryyoureangry

First Grave on the Right was a book that took me 2 times to get into. I read it the first time, and thought it was just so-so. I picked it up again a few years later, and was blown away. (It’s all really just your mindset, I think.) I plowed through the entire series in about a month, one right after the other, and the reason for that was Charley’s humor. She’s always ready with a one line quip, to either make you laugh or put you in your place. She’d quickly be queen of twitter.

2. Mim Malone

“Mim’s Theorem of Monkey See Monkey Don’t: there are some people whose sole purpose of existence is to show the rest of us how not to act.”
#mimswisewords #whymonkees #humanseehumandont

Mim Malone won best character in the Birdie Awards, the year I read this book. She’s original, and bold, and she made me think. Mim Malone is highly quotable:

  • “I swear, the longer I live, the less things make sense.”
  • “Life, it seems, delivers the best punch lines only after we’ve forgotten we were part of a joke.”
  • “Do so with gusto, because my God, there’s nothing sorrier than a gusto-less existence.”

3. Natalie Grayson
Cream of the Crop

a woman who loves her body, and knows what she wants? There’s nothing sexier than that. To a real man.” #loveyourcurves #realwoman #youloveme

Natalie Grayson is all about curvy woman power! She’s an advocate for confidence is sexy, no matter your size, and she’s funny as hell too. We need more voices like Natalie out there in the social network world, and there’s a group of women who are screaming for it. She says, “Curvy women are supposed to look down and not take up space. F*ck all that noice. I take up space!” Hell YES!

4. Damien Locke
Renegade X

“My mom’s a mad scientist. It’s a lot like being a regular scientist, except without worrying about legal or moral limitations.” #teamvillian #madscientist #thatsmymom

Who doesn’t love a good anti-hero. I feel like this subset would always make for a fun social media voice. Damien Locke has goodness in him, and he’s got badness in him. He’s funny, and grudgingly heroic. His wise mouth would fit in spectacularly in our current social media climate. Hilarious, but also accidentally thought provoking. Definitely highly entertaining.

5. Josiah Erikson
How to be a Movie Star

“My name is Josiah Erickson, and I approve this message.”
#itsokaytobesmall #gustavosbestfriend #ilovequincy

Following Josie would be like following sunshine. He’s so full of light and optimism, but in an innocent and non-patronizing way. Plus, he’s got a cool mustache, and a closet full of ironic tshirts. In the How to Be series we get teased with an idea of what these characters social media presence would be, and I’m all in. Sign me up as his first follower stat.

6. Jude Bailey
Deal Maker

“I’m rearranging the books by the colour of their spines. It gives the room a much artier vibe.”
#tweetedthebrainlessmodel #thatwassarcasm #incaseyoucanttell

Jude Bailey would be an interesting social media presence because he’d be both funny and cynical. He’s smart and quick, but he sees the world from the vantage of someone who’s disappointed in it. Honestly, who doesn’t feel that way, especially currently. I have a feeling Jude would be saying what we are all thinking, but in a much more eloquently biting way. We definitely need more like him.

7. Blake Riley
Good Boy

“My bed is a temple. It’s reserved for solo spanks. And girlfriends.”
#deepwords #wwrd #ivegotyoursacrament

Oh Blake Riley… one of the most hilarious characters out there. His tweets would be the most asinine, off the wall, crap. I’d gobble it all up anyway. Some would be offended, some would laugh, but everyone would pay attention. Why? Because even though he’s loud, brash, and crass, there’s something endearing about him too. Like a big giant puppy who just wants some belly rubs and a treat.

8. Ella Malikova
Illuminae Files

“I always ask myself what Nik would do. And then I do the exact opposite.”
#smartspider #survivor #loveucousin

I searched hard for a good quote from Ella Malikova, and damn she’s not quoted on the web often enough! That’s just further proof that we need someone as crude and stabby as Ella out there on social media. @littlespider should be a voice for all those who are voiceless, and for those who are labeled as ‘bad’ for no other reason than where they were born, or to who.

9. Matt Watkins
Flat Out Love

“I need an afternoon pick me up. I accept cash and/or prizes that can be exchanged for cash. Also. Hobbits.”
#lotr #sexynerd #oratleastihopeso

Who doesn’t love a Nerdy social networker who makes jokes about Lord of the Rings? Or, maths, or all of the sexy nerd things out there in the world. The fun part about Flat Out Love (similar to the How to Be books) is that the characters already tweet throughout the story, which is just further proof of how hilarious they, but especially Matt, would be if he existed in this world and in our twitterverse. I’d totally have a crush on his handle, for sure.

10. Earl Jackson
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

“Just because I’m smiling, doesn’t mean I don’t want to hit you in the face.”
#yourwelcome #truth #saysearl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is one of the funniest damn books I’ve ever read. Ever. All characters were hilarious, but especially Earl Jackson. It was like, Earl brought Greg down to earth and reminded him that he was the creator of his own drama. However, he did it in such a blunt way, you couldn’t help but laugh. (Frankly, the book was great, but I’m dying to rewatch the movie, because the actor that played Earl was fan-freaking-tastic!)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme previously hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but as of 2018 is hosted by hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

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