Top Ten Tuesday | 10 Titles for Band Names

I’m switching this week and jumping over to Top Ten Tuesday. Finding book titles with band names out of book titles sounds awesome!

Though, Baby Chick thought of most of these.

I’m just not this clever.

Really quick, I have to mention that my favorite book as a band name was Eliza and her Monsters, but I talked about that book last week!

I can’t wait to see all your picks.

Also, my blurbs are in no way a reflection of these books. I loved all of these books, even if my thoughts of them as a band name may sound sarcastic.

1. Nevernight

Nevernight the book, fantastic! Dark, intense, with a kickass heroine. Nevernight the band, they’re like Metallica but more generic… like Nickleback. (Come on, ya know their catchy!)

2. Mosquitoland

Mosqitoland likes to tell people they’re the marriage of punk rock and folk music. The truth is, they don’t really fit in anywhere, which is exactly where they want to be.

3. Final Girls

Final Girls is a throwback to riot grrrl bands. They sing about fighting the patriarchy, and female empowerment. There will be lots of screaming ladies in the audience rocking out.

4. Dream Thieves

Dream Thieves has a sound similar to Savage Garden. (Is Savage Garden even still a thing? Am I showing my age.) They’re music is ballads, but in an alternative style. I think I’d like this band.

5. Six of Crows

Six of Crows is a 90’s band, still trying to remain relevant. They sing in the style of Blues Traveler. Which I’m told is like Hootie & the Blowfish times 3 with a harmonica. Thanks Cat!

6. Angelfall

Emo Band, all the way. These guys sing with all their hair in their eyes. They are on stage looking like emo cousin it. What you can see of their eyes, they’re ringed with black smudged liner in pale faces.

7. Withered + Sere

Withered + Sere is a screamo band. For those of you who don’t know what that is, imagine emo, but with lots of screams. You can’t understand a word they say, and that just makes their fans love them more.

8. Autoboyograhy

Obviously Autoboyography is a boy band! I think this band would be my favorite. Who doesn’t love a group of dancing and singing attractive guys? Also, they’re probably British.

9. Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep got their big break opening for the Grateful Dead. When they perform, their audience all sway with the sounds of psychedelics, aided by lots of mood enhancements.

10. Friday Brown

Friday Brown is a old school country band. They sing with a strong twang in their voice, with steel guitars and banjos. They’re artists all the way, performing the songs they’ve written themselves.

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30 Responses

  1. thebrowneyedbookworm

    Mosquitoland – how cool is this as a band name!!! LOVE IT!!! And Six of Crows is PERFECTION!!! Love Dream Thieves too – I can totally see it!


  2. All these sound like amazing band names. I’d definitely be listening to some Nevernight, Dream Thieves (I really like Savage Garden) and Mosquitoland (sounds just like my type of music). Love this list! πŸ˜€


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