Review | Rocket Science by K.M. Neuhold

Rocket ScienceRocket Science by K.M Neuhold
Love Logic #1
Contemporary Romance LGBTQ
September 27, 2019

About the Book:

Saying I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s older brother, Pax, most of my life is like saying the big bang was just an explosion. It’s true, but I’m not sure that quite captures the essence of its true enormity.

I know he’s only hanging out with me because I’m new in town and getting my PhD doesn’t leave me with much time to make friends. And even if it did, my strength is mathematics, not friend-making. What I don’t understand is why he kissed me… why he seems to want to keep kissing me. I don’t think my advanced physics knowledge is going to help me figure this one out. But I think for once I’m okay with not knowing, as long as Pax and I don’t know together.

He’s still the awkward Nerdlet I remember…he’s also probably the cutest, most tempting man I’ve laid eyes on. I know I should keep my hands off him, but this thing between us is like a force of nature. I want to be his first everything. He says we’re nothing more than atoms crashing into each other. I’m no scientist but I don’t think either of us are braced for the explosion.

As the story goes…

I was reading a book. It was a “Best Friend’s Brother” trope, which I Like, but the book was just bad. So bad. I tried really hard to get through it, but at 43% I had to say goodbye. It was physically hurting to read it, but I was now feeling dissatisfied.

When I went looking for a replacement, wanting romance, I stumbled on Rocket Science, which is another “Best Friend’s Brother” trope! They synopsis’s are so similar, but instead of firefighters it’s all about the sexy nerd. (Another favorite trope!) Downloading it free, through Kindle Unlimited, was the icing on the cake!

Rocket Science was satisfying.

I got a sweet, but seriously sexy, lighthearted romance novel. I found a story with literally zero angst, and all tender love. Elijah and Pax came together in a natural way, without any forced intimacy. The relationship developed healthily, without any unnecessary drama or hurts. Neither pushed the other away “for their own good”. And when they met an obstacle, they trod over it together. It was beautiful.

If there were any complaints, I would say Elijah’s shyness sometimes felt a little overdone. It felt like he blushed at least 4 times a page, like he was just consistently red, and of course everyone wanted to sleep with him but he didn’t realize it because he was such a nerd as a kid.

Blah Blah Blah

However, the development between the two characters definitely sold the story. Pax was the more experienced of the two, and yet somehow their relationship (on both sides) felt innocent and new. I kept waiting for one of them to get crushed, and the other to have to do the big apology, and it never happened.

Who’d have thought you can write a good book without that cruch!

It was refreshing!

I’ll definitely be trying this author again.

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