The Jingle Bell Book Tag

Happy Holiday’s to all of you!  I’m actually a bit of a Grinch when it comes to the Holidays, but for some reason I like taking part in Holiday tags.  I must like to celebrate in little book related ways.  Nicole (Sorry, I’m Booked), thank you so much for tagging me, because it meant I […]

Goodreads Year in Books

I love this kind of stuff!  My favorite accomplishments are those that include reading, and as I previously mentioned, I rocked my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year!  Just a reminder, if you didn’t read that old post, my goal was 100 and I loved reading the accolades so much that I refused to change it.  Isn’t […]

Top Ten Tuesday | I ♥ Authors

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about new authors we read in 2016. It took some digging, and not because I don’t read new authors.  It took digging because I don’t usually pay attention to which authors I only just recently discovered.  I had to go back through my entire 2016 list and cross […]

November 2016 Reads

5 Star Reads 4-4.5 Star Reads 3-3.5 Star Reads Audio November’s insights! For as much as I claim I don’t read Contemporary Romance, I think my selections prove that I sure read a lot of it.  What can I say, I’m always on the lookout for the next amazing Romance!  I want another Captive Prince, […]

August 2016 Reads

5 Star Reads 4-4.5 Star Reads 2 Star Reads Audio   What I learned from August’s reading selection? I can tell you the first thing I learned, I learned where to go to get romance recommendations!  8 of the books I have listed up there were all, either directly or indirectly, recommendations by a friend […]