Goodreads Year in Books

I love this kind of stuff!  My favorite accomplishments are those that include reading, and as I previously mentioned, I rocked my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year!  Just a reminder, if you didn’t read that old post, my goal was 100 and I loved reading the accolades so much that I refused to change it.  Isn’t it pretty!?


Look at all those pages. 42,934!  That’s fierce.  I also thought it was interesting that my shortest book is from one of my most beloved series, and my longest was one of the ones I hated.  Talk about either end of the spectrum.  And my average is 313 pages, which feels fair.  It’s about the length of all those romance novels I found this year.  (Except Klune, his are always longer…)

Wendy's 2016 c.JPG

Again with Lunar Chronicles!  That series is going to haunt me.  Although, to be fair it is really popular so I’m actually not surprised.  I actually thought Cinder was decent, I liked all of the books except the last one.  What I do think is unfair is seeing Playing with Fire as my least popular book.  That shouldn’t count.  It’s like 20 pages long, and a short story.  Clearly all the Downside Ghosts fans haven’t even read it.

I’m not too surprised to see that my average rating is just over a 4.0.  I like analyzing myself, and I realized long ago that I am a happy rater.  I tend to lean to the side of positive, and rate most reads 3-4 stars.  I grant more 5’s than I do 2’s.  I’m generally easy to please and I’m proud that I am.

I’m THRILLED to see In the Eye of the Storm listed, and that it was the highest rated.  I actually went to see how many raters it had, wondering how legitimate it is, but over 2000 so yeah I’m completely thrilled.  Robert Thier’s series really deserves it.  It’s amazing.

So, how was your year?  Join me, post your Goodreads Year and tag me.  I’m curious about what your selections say about you.

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  1. Congratulations! *o* I could not reach my goal this year. *^* I read pretty slow because of school and also i dived into some books that are not particularly my style and struggled with them a bit, but it was a fun year for me, as well. *-*

    I also posted about my 2016 challenge today! *o*


  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your reading goal. I hope that I’ll be able to write a similar update at the end of 2017 once I’ve read all the books that I’ve committed to reading! Bravo!


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