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Five Villains that Scare Me 


Hiya!  It’s me again, Baby Chick.  Normally I write book reviews that give you recommendations for books I think your kids would enjoy, like I did.

Instead, for Halloween I’m doing a special post.  Just for you!  Have you ever been scared by a certain villain?  Because I have.  A lot!  So, I’m going to tell you the five scariest villains, counting down to #1 as the scariest bad guy ever.


Jason Voorhees:

One reason he scares me is that he mutilates you with a machete, and he doesn’t speak.  He just stalks you silently so you don’t know he’s there.  He’s number 5 only because it’s easy to get away from him, and he usually only kills people at the camp.


Freddy Krueger:

Freddy Krueger lives in the dreamworld, and what he does in the dream happens in real life.  Many people are killed by him in the movies.  I also think that it’s scary how he taunts and jokes while he kills you.  Freddy is only number 4 because in every movie they always found some sort of way to defeat him.



I can sum it up in four words.  Clowns are messed up!  I hate clowns.

2Zombies from anything:

Zombies are number two on the list because they’re everywhere.  There will always be more because someone is dying every minute.  Humans are everywhere, and every human can become a zombie that wants to eat you.  BUT, at the same time they are stupid and in a lot of movies, they’re slow.  That’s the only reason they’re not number one.


It’s really because I hate anything that’s possessed.  Annabel is particularly scary because she used to be just a normal doll, but the blood from a possessed murderer dripped into the doll’s eye and trapped a demon inside.  There’s already something scary about porcelain dolls, but when you add in demons and creepy eyes watching you, that’s when I’m out.


Those are the villains that I fear the most.  What are the villains that scare you?

I’ll be back next month with another recommendation.  See you in November!

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  1. Freddie, for sure. I remember watching that movie one weekend in college when (it seemed) everyone had gone home. So my roommate and I were alone in this huge old building, and it was creepy as all get out. Great list, BC! 🙂


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