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Is it unusual that I don’t watch Horror movies at all, but I’ve been looking forward to this tag!  I don’t watch horror movies, but I like horror movie conversations.  I think it’s my husband’s fault.  He’s crazy about horror movies, and occasionally he makes me watch them (with my eyes closed) and he’ll get in conversations with my friends.  I guess it’s pulled me in even when I’m not a fan.

Anyway, ramble over, thank you Zuky at bookbumbzuky!  I think this one is going to be so much fun!


Horror Book Tag


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The Zombie Apocalypse:

28 Days

A book you would save when civilization ends?

It’s way too hard to pick only one book to save!  How would I choose between my favorites.  I’m not.  I’m going to cheat and pick three, because I’ll make room for three in my bug out bag.

jellicoe red-fern outlander


The Vampire:

30 Days

A book you would stake through the heart? (in whatever sense)

Now this one is easy!  I’ve read a lot of bad books, but I’m going with the one that’s considered classic and beloved.  They even made a miniseries out of it, yet I hated every single word.  Worst, most depressing book I’ve ever read!



The Haunted House:

Cabin in the Woods

A book that still haunts you?

I’m going to go with two on this one too, because I like to be rule breaker.  Especially when the rules don’t explicitly say I can only pick one.  I’m going to go with Friday Brown, because of Silence.  That seriously slayed me.  And I’m also going to go with Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, because that one also wrecked me AND the facts in the story were true.  I can’t even imagine…

friday-brown Mary Queen of Scotland

The Psychological Thriller:

The Shining

A book with a twist you did not see coming?


I think all of us who were reading this series when they were being released all had the same gut wrenching, dead inside, feeling of dread in there stomach at the end of Dreamfever.  This was DEFINITELY a twist I didn’t see coming, and it’s to this day one of the worst cliffhangers I’ve ever read!


The Creepy Doll:


A book that seems innocent but isn’t?

I’m not really going to go into why I’m picking this.  I’ve said it before.  I just think themes in this series are harmful and shouldn’t be admired, so I’m going to go with Twilight.


The Monster:


A book you could barely tackle/defeat? (in whatever sense)

This would have been another good one for Thorn Birds.  I’ll have to think of something else… Okay, how about IT.  I tried to read this three times before I finally succeeded.  Now it’s one of my favorite books (i can’t wait for the movie) but reading it the first time, I put it down at the beginning, the famous scene with Georgie.  The next couple times I tried, I couldn’t get past the murder Adrien.  When I finally did read it, I jumped over that scene.


The Comedy-Horror:


A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t)?

I’m going to go with one that didn’t work for me.  I know the other is loved, and my friend adores this book, but I couldn’t handle it.  I don’t think I’m wired for an attempt at erotic Dystopia.  The two just don’t pair well, I thought.


The (Cliched) Teen Horror:

The Faculty

A book you found super cliched/stereotypical?

I really wanted to like this book, like I thought it was going to be the super sweet and fluffy YA romance that makes me feel happy.  Instead I was annoyed by how shallow the entire cast was, and how cliched all of there thoughts and actions.  I did finish, but I admit I did a lot of skimming.

Boy Window

The Demonic Possession:

The Exorcist

A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it?

Big surprise this is what I pick, but it’s the truth.  Reading this one made me feel like I was possessed.  I couldn’t stop, I was trembling, and was full of adrenaline.  It was so brilliant!


The Science Fiction:


A precious book you would permanently sacrifice to aliens for the good of mankind?


Sorry mankind, I’ve gotta let you go.  I’m not sure I could sacrifice any of my precious books.

A book that’s precious to the world… I’d probably go with The Martian.  It’s haunting me.  I couldn’t get into it, but everyone else loves it.  It’s a good sacrifice.



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(Just for fun, of the posters I chose, I’ve watched 5 of these movies.  How many did you watch?)

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17 Responses

  1. Fun post Birdie! Shame about The Martian, is it that you can’t get into the book or the movie, or both? I watched the movie and enjoyed it enough, not the best thing I’ve ever seen though lol 😛


  2. Great answers! It’s a pity about the Thornbirds- I actually really enjoyed it but I can see why you wouldn’t like it 😀 And I’m exactly the same for It! I couldn’t get through that book because I got bored easily and didn’t like the past-present transitions. But I’m definitely going to read it this summer because of the new movie coming out (which I totally can’t wait for!) 🙂


  3. I just finished Kings Rising last week, and I literally couldn’t concentrate on anything until I finished it. There was no good place to take a break with that book, I couldn’t rest until I finished it lol.


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