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I stumbled onto The Bookish Naughty List on Lia’s blog, Lost in a Story.  As soon as I saw this Book Tag I knew I had to give it a chance.  It was so original!  I love tags, but sometimes I feel like I’m answering the same questions over and over.  When one jumps out with all new conversation pieces, I have to jump on board.

Here’s me jumping on.

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  • Received an ARC and not reviewed it  

YEP!  My heart is always in the right place when I request or accept a book.  It is always my intention to read everything.  Sometimes intentions just aren’t good enough.  Sometimes the book can’t hold my interest, or life gets complicated, or I get swept away in a tsunami of an amazing series… I have, on occasion, not reviewed an ARC I’ve been given.

  • Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley

I’m currently at 95%, and I’m very strict about it.  I worked very very hard to get my Feedback ratio up, and it will stay at 90% or higher!

  • Rated a book on goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did)  

I really wanted to say I’ve never done this, but when I scrolled through my read shelf on Goodreads I saw a couple of promises unfulfilled.  I’m a bad girl.

  • Folded down the page of a book  

As a young whippersnapper I was known for dogearing my books.  Now I know the importance of a bookmark.  I’ve matured.

  • Accidentally spilled on a book 

Ugh, yes.  It was awful, and I replaced the damaged book.  It’s happened though.  It’s hard to prevent it when there’s always a book in your hand, or on the table next to you.

  • DNF a book this year 

I can wholeheartedly, as of January 3rd, can say that I have not DNFed a book in 2018!  Yes, this is cheating, I’m still taking it!

  • Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it  

No.  I have bought a book purely because it was pretty, but always with the intention of reading it.  If they sit too long on my shelf, I’ll eventually realize the pretty cover wasn’t enough to hold my interest and it won’t be read.  That’s when I donate it.

  • Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework)  

Are there bookworms out there who haven’t??  I’ve been known to read out of my side eye while pretending to work.  At actual work.  Hopefully nobody reads this!

  • Skim read a book  

Recently actually, not in 2018 of course, but at the end of December last year I did skim Busted.  I just wasn’t enjoying it, but I still wanted to know how it ended.  I skimmed about the middle third.

  • Completely missed your Goodreads goal

Um, technically no.  Only because when I realized I wouldn’t make it, I edited it to a lower number!  Hey, we should ALL feel good about our reading numbers!

  • Borrowed a book and not returned it  

I don’t think I’ve ever done it to a person.  I mean, I bet someone remembers something I don’t, but right now any books I didn’t give back were because they told me they didn’t need it back.  HOWEVER, I’m terrible about borrowing from the library.  I’m pretty sure I had a couple Middle Grade books when I was younger that were never returned to school.

  • Broke a book buying ban  

It would take some real skillz to break a book buying ban when I’ve never set one.  The thing is, I’m not really good at setting myself up for failure.  There’s no way on Earth I’d ever resist buying New Releases when they come out.  That’s more willpower than I was born with.

  • Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about  

I usually write my reviews within a couple days of finishing them.  Sometimes I just have very little to say in general.  The book didn’t inspire a discussion out of me.  Though, I’ve never left a review in the middle and came back after having forgotten.  So, no.  This one is not me.

  • Wrote in a book you were reading  

I think this is a bit of a technicality.  On Goodreads, in our YA group (YA-MA) we had a Traveling book going.  One of the tasks was to write down your thoughts in the margins as you read it, so we could all see with the other readers were thinking.  So yeah, I’ve written in a book before.

  • Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads

Never.  My final number for the year is too important to me.

If you like this Book Tag as much as I did, please do it!
I want to know if you’re naughtier than I am!

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13 Responses

  1. A friend suggested to me the other day that YA is easy to skim because it’s plot-driven. And she was right. I skimmed through the majority of the fight scenes in Wonder Woman: Warbringer and it didn’t matter, as long as I knew who lived/died/was injured at the end. The prose itself wasn’t interesting or beautiful enough to make me read parts not relevant to the action. So, yes, I have skimmed, too. 😉


  2. Lol I have a lot of the same answers as you. I also intend to read the review copies I accept but sometimes mood reading gets in the way, and although I still intend to get to most of them, I’ve lost interest in a few at this point. But my NG ratio is like 94%! I also used to dog ear pages but don’t anymore. I don’t make book buying bans either. Lol to your DNF answer XD


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