Newly Hatched Review | Rebel by Rhys Ford


About the Book: The hardest thing a rebel can do isn’t standing up for something — it’s standing up for himself.

Life takes delight in stabbing Gus Scott in the back when he least expects it. After years of running from his past, present and the dismal future every social worker predicted for him, Karma delivers the one thing Gus could never—would never—turn his back on; a son from a one-night stand he’d had after a devastating break-up three years ago.

Returning to San Francisco and to 415 Ink, his family’s tattoo shop, gave him the perfect shelter to battle his personal demons and get himself together… until the firefighter who’d broken him walked back into Gus’s life.

For Rey Montenegro, tattoo artist Gus Scott was an elusive brass ring, a glittering prize he hadn’t the strength or flexibility to hold onto. Severing his relationship with the mercurial tattoo artist hurt but Gus hadn’t wanted the kind of domestic life Rey craved, leaving Rey with an aching chasm in his soul.

When Gus’s life and world starts to unravel, Rey helps him pick up the pieces, and Gus wonders if that forever Rey wants is more than just a dream.

415 Ink #1
M/M Contemporary Romance

Dreamspinner Books | December 29, 2017
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You know, I’ve come to the realization that I’m just can’t read Rhys Ford.  A couple years ago I read Fish & Ghosts and I loved it.  Seriously loved it.  I still think about how much I enjoyed it.  I still wait for more installments.  I just think it gave me this false sense of feeling like I should be in the Rhys Ford fandom.  Sadly, with the exception of the Hellsinger series, everything else I’ve read let me down.  Unfortunately so did Rebel.

The story started off decently, so much so that I didn’t realize I’s started skimming until almost halfway.  I’m pretty sure the story lost me when I got frustrated by how one character took the brunt of both their actions, and all the talk about kicking his ass just left me agitated.  How do people grow when they never have to admit they were wrong?  I can feel compassion for someone’s past and still recognize how it doesn’t mean they’re automatically off the hook for being a jackass.

I also struggled with how long it took Gus and Rey to actually interact, 30% thank you very much, and then all of the sudden their feelings were everywhere.  Gus kept saying it was about his son, but was it really?  I mean, the blurb makes it sound like this kid is going to be a prevalent part of the story, and I didn’t really think he was.

Finally, and what it truly boils down to with me and this author, is that her style just isn’t my type.  The prose is too wordy.  So wordy that I struggle with understanding what she’s actually trying to say.  (Also could have been what started the skimming.)  I think, sadly, I’m throwing in the towel because clearly this reader and author just aren’t well suited.

Thank you to Dreamspinner Press for providing a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review


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