Review | Heroes for Ghosts by Jackie North

Heroes Ghosts.jpgHeroes for Ghosts by Jackie North
Love Across Time #1
Romance M/M

Blue Rain Press | June 13, 2018

About the Book:Soulmates across time. A sacrifice that could keep them apart forever.

In present day, near the village of Ornes, France, Devon works on his master’s thesis in history as he fantasizes about meeting a WWI American Doughboy.

In 1916, during the Battle of Ornes, Stanley is a young soldier facing the horrors of the battlefield.

Mourning the death of his friends from enemy fire, Stanley volunteers to bring the message for retreat so he can save everyone else in his battalion. While on his mission, mustard gas surrounds Stanley and though he thinks he is dying, he finds himself in a peaceful green meadow where he literally trips over Devon.

Devon doesn’t believe Stanley is who he says he is, a soldier from WWI. But a powerful attraction grows between them, and if Stanley is truly a visitor from the past, then he is Devon’s dream come true. The problem is, Stanley’s soul wants to finish his mission, and time keeps yanking him back to relive his fateful last morning over and over, even as his heart and body long to stay with Devon.

Will Stanley have to choose between Devon and saving his battalion? Will time betray their love, leaving each alone?

A male/male time travel romance, complete with hurt/comfort, French coffee, warm blankets, fireplace kisses, the angst of separation, and true love across time.

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Funny story, I had no idea what a Doughboy was before I picked up this book.  I actually turned to my friend, a history buff, and asked her what a WWI Doughboy was, because all I could picture was the Pillsbury mascot and I just didn’t get what the appeal was.  Now I know, and… I still don’t get the appeal, but hey!  To each their own!

I loved the setup for Heroes for Ghosts.  I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for time travel romance, probably because of how much I love Outlander.  The downside is usually time travel romance doesn’t measure up.  I felt pretty good about this read, because it’s got such a nice rating on Goodreads and it came highly recommended.  It also had an interesting synopsis I thought could have been paced out beautifully.

I’m of two minds, after finishing Heroes for Ghosts.  There was half of me that was crazy about the history, and the realism of the war.  I felt like the author really put her heart into making us feel the despair and fear the soldiers faced in the trenches.  Thinking of their pain and heartache really made me feel deeply for Stanley and his buddies in the 44th.  I was really drawn to his relationship with Isaac in particular.  It was the relationship I shipped.  My hardcore non-canon love for Isaac and Stanley was a major hindrance to the half of the story that took place in present day.

Basically Stanley and Devon didn’t have enough chemistry for me.  Or, maybe the issues was that I was supposed to accept their connection far too fast.  I think I’m at a stage in my life where I just don’t believe in love at first sight anymore.  I spent my entire read, wary that the only reason Devon felt so strongly was because he had a real live Doughboy in his house, and he had a bit of a WWI fetish.  I kept waiting for the moment when I knew his affections went beyond the uniform to the person Stanley was, and it never happened for me.  Since I loved Stanley so much, I wanted more for him. (*Ahem, Isaac.)  Not that Devon was a jerk or anything.  Something just felt false in their ‘love story’.

Still, very enjoyable read, and I know I’ll be thinking of this book (really just Stanley and Isaac with some chocolate) for a long time.

Rating: 3_5 feather

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  1. malanielovesfiction

    OH MY GOSH YOU READ IT!!!!! I’M SO HAPPPYYYY!!! It’s so funny because so many of the things you mentioned my sister said as well, like the WW1 fetish that Devon probably had + shipping him w Isaac. I agree w both things, I think that Devon was sometimes a complete jerk forcing Stanley to reenact certain things. I was so mad @ him bc **Stanley literally just emerged from battle????” SLDKFJLS STANLEY WAS JUST SO DAMN CUTE???? I’m so glad you liked him toooo c: c:
    *also I’m CR “How to be Normal Person” and THE STONER IS MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD c: c: ((his ace rep is so so good????))


      1. malanielovesfiction

        I was wondering if Gus was autistic!!! After “Carry the Ocean” I feel in tune with the autism characteristics, and Gus had many of them, like his amazing memorizing abilities (((THE I LOVE YOU CONFESSION SCENE MADE ME SOB))
        I want to demand a second book, just to see them moving in together and stuff ❤ We need to make our demands to TJ Klune


      2. malanielovesfiction

        ohhh!!! I like that he did that, because sometimes labels are just unnecessary (especially when authors let it “define” the character)
        ((and w the noodle soup character, i rlly loved himmm!!! c: ))


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