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LovesickTitansLovesick Titans by Amanda Meuwissen
Lovesick Series #2
Superhero Fantasy

April 26, 2018

About the Book:Not even a Titan can always stand up to a God.

Malcom Cho is in over his head, wrapped up in a love affair with his superhero nemesis Zeus, who most people in Olympus City only know as Detective Danny Grant.

Lovesick Titans begins where Lovesick Gods left off, after a heist gone wrong that ended with a museum guard dead and Mal and Danny beaten and exhausted from their fight with the new threat in town, Cassidy Ludgate—Hades.

Unaware that Ludgate’s true motivation is revenge for the death of his father at Zeus’s hands, Mal wants only to keep Danny close, while Danny races to solve the cases surrounding Ludgate to stop him from whatever he has planned for them next.

What Mal doesn’t know is that Danny didn’t pursue him with the purest of intentions but sought to break his heart in retaliation for not being there when he needed him in the fight against Thanatos. Even though Danny no longer seeks that end, the lies between them loom like a shadow about to descend upon them both.

And Hades has only begun to toy with them…

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I very nearly quit this book when I was only about 15% in.  In my review of the first book I expressed concern at the childish revenge Danny wanted to take on Mal.  The idea that Danny is the worst of the worst because he wanted to make Mal love him, only to break his heart, is so ridiculous.  I couldn’t handle it.  By 15% into Lovesick Titans I thought I knew where it was going, and I was very very unhappy.  The only reason I didn’t stop reading, shame on me, was because I’d already quit the two previous books.  So, I pushed through my initial feelings of frustration and let Amanda Meuwissen take me on a ride.

The thing is, I wasn’t entirely wrong in what I thought would happen.  It was ridiculous.  Yet, I loved Danny and Mal’s relationship so much that by the end of the book I didn’t even care.  I anticipated their every interaction, both positive and negative, and I rooted for them throughout the entire book.  I thought the differences in Mal and Danny, the ways in which their good and bad balanced each other, made for a memorable romance.  In both Lovesick Gods, and Lovesick Titans, they were the heart of the story, no matter how a reader feels about each specific twist in the plot.

It isn’t only about Danny and Mal though.  They both had family, and superhero/villain teams which made up the secondary characters.  I found them all nearly as interesting as our hero and antihero.  In fact, I also loved how the villain teams and the hero teams weren’t your quintessential villains and heroes.  Heroes can be dark, and villains can be good, and together they can be an unstoppable force!

This duology wasn’t perfect, though each readers idea of perfection is different so who am I anyway?  It did hook me, in both installments, and I’d love to see more from this Lovesick world.  I’m not sure that’s happening, so until I hear for sure I’ll just imagine a future where Mal and Danny are working together, maybe with a little surrogate/adopted Elemental daughter they adore.

Rating: 4_5 feather

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  1. Amanda Kay Meuwissen

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! This is sometimes the most rewarding type of review to receive, because while there were faults for you with both books, it still resonated enough that you read on, and I am very glad you enjoyed the story overall. Reactions certainly are a subjection experience, but that’s why hearing from various readers is so rewarding, and I truly appreciate your critique and hope you’ll consider reading more of my titles in the future. Thank you again!


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