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Top Five

Top 5 Tuesday! 

Trying to figure out why I read is almost like asking me why I love my husband.  I list out the obvious reasons, but I think my love of reading just is.  It’s not really definable.

I still gave it my best shot!  I have a feeling it’s similar to what other people are saying!

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


To Live in Other Worlds

I love how reading gives you the ability to live in other worlds.  Without books I would never have gone to school at Hogwarts, knew that there were Four London’s, or traveled through Shadows.  Without books, my only home is on Earth.  With Books, I’ve lived everywhere.

Harry Potter Darker Shade Nevernight

My Best Friends

Some of my favorite people are those who live inside the pages of a book.  I love my friends in the real world too, but I feel like I’ve learned just as much from my fictional friends too.

Pipers Son Carry the Ocean Six of Crows


Escape from Reality

We all need it.  Be it music, or television, or books; we all need to step away from our struggles and read things that make us feel good.  Reading has always been my relief, in particular, I love romance relief.

Leo loves Aries How to Be a Normal Person Deal Maker


To Live Other Lives

When I read a book, I become someone different.  I have new talents and experiences.  It creates an ability to easily have empathy for those who are different from me.

Wavehouse2 challenger-deep tell-the-truth



Yeah, I know I mostly read fiction, but even in a fictional story you can find knowledge.  It’s one of my favorite aspects of reading.  If you have a good author, a lot of research goes into a story.  If there’s research, there’s something to learn.

outlander the unsung hero Cleopatra

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