Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Reasons I Love TJ KLUNE!


Probably not. I’m betting more than half of you expected this. What can one do when presented with the opportunity to shove their favorite author down your throat?

Why, oblige, of course.

You’re welcome!

1. His humor!!

Trying to find quotes for this post was so much fun! I kept changing them out for ones I thought were even better.
TJ does humor like none other.
I swear, if you actually read those quotes and you don’t snort laughter, you must be a cyborg.

2. His ability to Emote

TJ can make me cry, just from writing a paragraph about grief. That first quote, Gus from HtBaNP talking about his losing his father, such heartbreak. Then, Olive Juice about their missing daughter… right through the damn heart.

3. Relationships

Paul and Vince are so special. Paul has the biggest heart in the world, but he’s overweight and self conscious. Vince is the most beautiful man, but he’s not the smartest and that makes him self conscious. Yet, they each see the other as true perfection.

Ox and Joe… they had the full spectrum of relationships. Childhood friends, school age protector, and then as men they fall in love. This first quote though, their initial meeting, sums them up in entirety. Candy canes, pine cones, epic, and awesome.

Gus and Casey are the epitome of TJ’s relationships. Their ease with each other, the humor. Their patience. They’re HUGS! Casey gives the best hugs, and he knows how to really love the kind of man Gus is. Please, can someone, anyone turn this into a movie!

4. Range of Ability

TJ can do it ALL.
Every single book up there is from a different genre. I left out the romantic comedies he does, because those were well quoted above. Instead, in those books, you have drama, science fiction, epic fantasy (comedic), urban fantasy, and Dystopian. There isn’t anything he can’t write.

5. Klunespeak

  • 5eva! – Longer than forever, because we’re extra like that.
  • Heartboner – When someone says or does something that gives you FEELINGS so strong your heart swells and triple in size.
  • Wookie Cry Face – Uncontrollable emotional sobbing from feelings.
  • Sweatballs – Minor curse word, akin to “damn” or “shit”.
  • Share Space – A safe space to tell your truth.
  • packpackpack – Found Family
  • Oh My Heck – Minor (and endearing) curse word, useful when Thinking of the Children.
  • Capitalized – If you CAPITALIZE it, it automatically makes it TRUE.
  • Oh My God, What the Hell – Deadpan reaction when you cannot even.
  • Mystical Moon Magic – The way that mates are referred to, usually in regards to them having had sex.
  • #Truthcorn – Interchangeable with “true” or “truth”, except even more so.

This is only a drop in the bucket of the secret language of Klunatics. It’s like, Buffyverse, but it’s all lingo TJ made up in his stories. For the full list of language, here’s the dictionary. Because it’s a thing that exists.

6. Unlikely Families

One of the things TJ enjoys writing about the most, or so he’s said, is unlikely, or found, families. It’s a continuing thread in each series, the idea that family isn’t always who your born to, but more so who you choose.
In the Green Creek series, not only does Ox find the Bennett pack, but it also attracts additional humans and witches, and they all become a family.
In House in the Cerulean Sea, Arthur and Linus, with all their adoptive children are the epitome of a found family.
In Takes of Verania, Sam of Wilds found his family in a Unicorn, a dragon, and a half giant.
It’s what he does. It’s his way of sharing hope.


Honestly, I thought TJ was spectacular with the creation of Ty, aka “the Kid” from Bear, Otter and The Kid. That vegetarian ecoterrorist was the most original child I’d read in contemporary romance. Then Tj wrote Artemis Darth Vader and I died for her cuteness. I mean, she named herself Artemis. Darth. VADER!
THEN, Tj said “I’m not done yet.” and he gave us the children of one Arthur Parnasses. Each one stole a chunk of my heart, and I know I’m never getting it back.

8. Oxnard Matheson

Yes, I loved Ox and Joe as a couple, but honestly I think my obsession was more about Ox than Joe.
At the start of the story, TJ wrote: “I was twelve when my daddy put a suitcase by the door.” Then that daddy proceeded to tell his son that he wasn’t the smartest, and that people would give him shit… and that he was leaving and not coming back… and my heart broke, and I took that twelve year old boy into my heart, and I’ve never let him go.

9. Gustavo Tiberius

Gus is also held in a special spot in my heart. He’s cantankerous, and surly. He’s uncomfortable with people and awkward. He’s also got a huge heart. He’s 100% accepting of anyone. He was beloved by his late father, and held in high regard by most of the people in his small town. His best friends are three elderly women in a Vespa gang.
There are no other characters in fiction like Gus -Oh my god, what the hell.

10. His cute, self proclaimed, awkwardness

Finally, TJ is adorable! LOOK!

His puppy’s name is Hendrix, and he’s a rescue.
He loves to tell everyone how awkward he is with people, but when I watch his video’s, especially now during the pandemic, all I see is a guy who’s personable and endearing. He’s honest, and hilarious, and as a avid reader for the last 4 decades I never really understood what it meant to have a ‘Favorite Author’ -Capitalized for truth- until now.
TJ Klune is hands down my most favorite author.

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  1. Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

    Omg I love EVERYTHING about this list because it’s ALL SO TRUE!!! I ❤ Klune I need to share this post with some of my Klune fan friends 🙂


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