Review | Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

StarsightStarsight by Brandon Sanderson
Skyward #2
YA Science Fiction
November 26, 2019

About the Book: 

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Reckoners series, Words of Radiance, the Mistborn trilogy, and the Stormlight Archive comes the second book in an epic series about a girl with a secret in a dangerous world at war for humanity’s future.

All her life, Spensa has dreamed of becoming a pilot. Of proving she’s a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing. The rumors of his cowardice are true–he deserted his flight during battle against the Krell. Worse, though, he turned against his team and attacked them.

Spensa is sure there’s more to the story. And she’s sure that whatever happened to her father in his starship could happen to her. When she made it outside the protective shell of her planet, she heard the stars–and it was terrifying. Everything Spensa has been taught about her world is a lie.

But Spensa also discovered a few other things about herself–and she’ll travel to the end of the galaxy to save humankind if she needs to.


Starsight was a great followup to Skyward. It was a huge jump in the Saga of Spensa’s revolution, but the speed felt appropriate. I’m not sure how many installments the series will be. Goodreads currently hows four, but that’s no guarantee. What I do know is that this series is far shorter than most of Sanderson’s other series, of so it appears.

Basically, things gotta move faster.

Starsight also introduced additional allies to Spensa and the people on Detritus. The fact is, in war allies are important. I love Spensa’s new ones. It added a whole new level to the story that’s going make for a better, more full, ending.

As much as I enjoyed the turn Starsight took, there were still things I missed. There was a comraderie between Spensa and her crew, particulary Jorgen, that was missing in this one. I think the story would have better if Spensa had been able to accomplish her mission with their assistance, rather than being separated.

Also, M-Bot!

As much as I enjoy Spensa and her crew, the real star of the series is my beloved M-Bot. And Doomslug. The both of them together are the heart of the Skyward series, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. Keep that in mind Mr Sanderson. Don’t. Hurt. The. AI!

There isn’t much info out there about Skyward #3… in fact, Brandon Sanderson has said it won’t be until 2021, at least. Possibly longer. Since this is currently the only Sanderson series I’m reading, it’s about to be torturous. Not that I’m complaining. I know authors hate that. I can be patient for a good book.

Even when it hurts.

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