The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Today I’m doing The Totally Should’ve Book Tag, and it was so super easy.  There was literally no searching for answers on this one, I immediately knew what books fit into each category.  I think it comes from being an instinctive over-analyzer of everything.  I’ve actually had conversations with myself about every single one of these questions.  Now you get to hear my rambling thoughts!

Thank you so much for tagging me Meghan.  Anyone who’s reading this, head on over and visit her at Whimsical Explorations & Reviews.  You won’t be sorry!

1. Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel

Eleanor & Park!
As soon as I read the last page of Eleanor & Park I started googling to find out if there were plans for a sequel.  Not only is the ending abrupt, but it ends right at a very pivotal moment!  It’s like, a cliffhanger but without another book!  It’s like, when a television show gets canceled mid-season!  Ms Rowell!  We need closure!

2. Totally Should’ve Gotten A Spin-Off Series

Lumatere Chronicles!
Finnikin froi quintana
When I finished this trilogy, heartbroken it was over, I remembered a character from earlier in the series.  He was from a different land and different culture, but same world.  I want Melina Marchetta to write about him and his adventures so bad.  It would be a wonderful way to maintain the world, but bring something new.

3. An Author Who Should Write More Books

Nora Sakavic!
The Foxhole Court The Raven King The King's Men
So, seriously, I had so many problems with this series sometimes it’s baffling to me why I loved it as much as I did.  In my review I said the story is so 100% character driven that you find you don’t give a crap about the plot, and it’s so true.  Nora Sakavic made magic when she wrote this cast.  I get why it’s probably hard to write something else, but I seriously hope she does.

4. A Character Who Totally Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else

Bella Swan!
twilight New Moon eclipse Breaking Dawn
If you love this book, and you’re a giant fan of Edward, you may want to skip this question.  I’m not a fan of this series, even a little.  I think it glorifies an abusive, unhealthy relationship.  The consequences that were laid out in the story ended up not happening, and it promotes the incorrect assumption that you can make all the wrong decisions, and still get everything you want.  It’s terrible, and destructive.  Now, with all that said, IF Bella had to choose between Jacob and Edward, it should have at least been Jacob.  Jacob who trusted her to make her own decisions and keep herself safe.  Jacob who made her feel like she was surrounded by sunshine (her words).  If there was a slightly more healthy selection in the books, it was Jacob.  (See, I’m passionate about this.)

5. Totally Should’ve Had A Movie Franchise

Gone by Michael Grant!
Gone Hunger Lies Plague Fear Light
I’ve never in my life read a more perfect book series to be adapted into a television show/or movie if they could do 6.  Each book would read as it’s own season, with a 6 book overarching storyline but individual seasonal stories.  It would be perfect for something like the Sci-Fi channel, particularly because it would have to be gorier than anything currently playing on CW.

6. Totally Should’ve Kept The Original Covers

Flamecaster or Rebel of the Sand!
FlamecasterFlamecaster  Rebel of the SandsRebel Sands
I’m not sure what the new obsession is with women who are walking, surrounded by the elements, gracing the cover of every single fantasy book out there.  It’s like, after Throne of Glass had Celaena on the cover and sold so well, they had to make every new book look exactly like it.  (Flamecaster in particular is almost identical!  Especially frustrating when the original cover matched Seven Realms, the series it spun off from.)  It reminds me of how, a few years ago, every Dystopia/Paranormal book had a girl in a ball gown on them.  Both Flamecaster’s and Rebel of the Sand’s old covers were beautiful, and original.

7. Totally Should’ve Stopped At Book One

Maze Runner
Mazerunner book 1 was really good.  I was so excited when I read it.  Unfortunately I deflated as I continued, and I was seriously upset when I read the conclusion.  It’s always the first series I think of when asked this question.


Obviously anyone that wants to do this tag is welcome to.  Please ping me back so I can come read and chat with you about the books you chose.

I’m only tagging a few today, and if you don’t want to do this one feel free to ignore me!

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22 Responses

  1. UGH yessss. I hate when a book cover has an absolutely GORGEOUS cover and then they redo the cover and PUT A DANG PERSON ON THE COVER. I personally think people are way more talented if they can make graphics on covers so gorgeous that you would want to buy the book.. Putting someone on the cover, in my opinion, seems like the lazy way to make a book cover.

    Great post!


  2. Great answers. I totally agree about Twilight in general and Bella and Edward, I never finished the series but they always made me uncomfortable. Also I was so sad when the Flamecaster cover changed, the new covers don’t fit with the demon king series covers 😢


  3. I loved reading your answers! 😀 I have to say your little rant about Twilight, I loved it. I agree that whole series was not a very good representation to any kind of relationship.
    I also agree with the Gone series, I would now love to see this as a TV show!


  4. When I Reach You

    Right on with the original book covers. I don’t know what is up these days with the sci-fi and fantasy covers. Take Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series for instance. They’ve always had a female cover on them, but in recent books, it’s just …. Why?!


  5. I need Nora Sakavic to write more books because no matter what happens in them, I’m pretty certain she’ll grab me with her characters again. And you are so right about Bella, I’m sad to say when I read those books I was an Edward fan, but now that time has passed and I’m MUCH older than Bella was when she…gave birth to a child….that relationship kind of horrifies me.


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