Top 5 Tuesday | F, G, H, I, & J Authors

Happy Top 5 Tuesday!

Author alphabet part 2! I actually had to reach onto my Goodreads shelf for some of these. It definitely makes you think about how many letters have very few books on them. I literally only have one “I” author, on Goodreads and on Birdie Bookworm.

It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


Rhiannon Frater

F’s were hard too. I have read a lot of F authors, all one series. Rhiannon Frater was the only author in this category I’d read one other thing by. On the plus side, The First Days is a fantastic Zombie apocalypse story, if you haven’t read it!


Mira Grant

Who loves Mira Grant? This girl does!
I put them in order of favorites here, though if I were going to switch them to creepiest, it would be Into the Drowning Deep, then Parasite, and finally Feed. All of them are great reads!


Karina Halle

I went through a serious Karina Halle obsession. 90% of said obsession was because of the Experiment in Terror series. It started out phenomenal, but then it slowly petered out. Beginning = Fantastic; Ending = Meh.
I don’t currently read this author anymore.


James Islington

Here it is. The infamouse “I” category. I’ve got one author. Only one. James Islington. I’ve read, and loved The Shadow of What was Lost, but I haven’t read either sequels yet.
I had no other options.


Darynda Jones

This was another category where I had a lot to pick from, but only 1 series. It was between this or Eye of the World. I read this series, Charley Davidson, more recently.
Also, it’s all sorts of fun, so if you haven’t read it, I’d implore you to do so.

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