Top 5 Tuesday Eve! | P, Q, R, S, & T Authors

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!

With each Tuesday that passes by we get closer and closer to the week with UVWXYZ authors. I mean, I don’t know if I have 5 authors period, for those six letters.

Does anyone have an X author!?

I don’t. UX and Y are going to be impossible. Seriously, I’m dreading it.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


Jordan Castillo Price

There weren’t a lot to choose from in the P author category. It came down to Jordan Castillo Price or CS Pacat. I’ve really only loved one series by JCP, and I’ve only ever read Captive Prince by CSP. So, to keep things fair, I went with the author who had the longer series. At 11 books, the nod has to go to Ms Castillo Price and her creation of PsyCop and Victor Bayle. My spirit twin.


Julia Quinn

Q is another hard author category. I only had 4 possible authors, and Julia Quinn was the only one of the four I’d read more than one book. So, if I pair that with Cat’s love of this author, it only felt right. Julia Quinn is the author I’ve chosen, and I stand by it.


Rainbow Rowell

For a second I almost shared Nora Roberts here. To be fair, I do appreciate a good Nora Roberts book. There’s something palate cleansing about Nora Roberts, but then I remembered one of my favorite crossover authors ever, Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor & Park is the best one, imo, but all books by this author are special.


Neal Shusterman

Neal Shusterman is the King of Imagination. Whenever I think about the most creative authors out there, he’s always the first one that comes to mind. He has this incredible way of taking our world and spinning our cultural debates into well thought out, nonbiased, stories. I’m a huge fan.


Hayley Turner

I did something just a little different with my T author. I think I want to talk about Hailey Turner. I’ve only read this Soulbound series, but every book just gets better. She’s got a great grasp of UF, and I’m definitely down for doing my part in spreading the word about this series (and the author.)

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      1. I just looked up the synopsis for that, and wow, that sounds really dark and fascinating. I will definitely be adding that one to the TBR. Thanks for the suggestion! 😀


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