Top 5 Tuesday Eve! | U, V, W, X, Y, & Z Authors

It’s Top 5 Tuesday!

Before you scroll down there, let me prepare you. I have no U authors. I have no X authors. Finally, I also have no Y’s. I’ve been able to come to the table with W, V and Z. It’s all I’ve got. Last week I asked this question:

Does anyone have an X author!?

I’m not sure if I’m hopeful others do have them, for recommendations, or for everyone to be as stumped as I am.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


Piper Vaughn

My only V author was Piper Vaughn. I gave this book 3 stars. I never read any other books in the series, and I haven’t read anything by Piper Vaughn. I wish I had something totally funny to say, but I got nothing. (I don’t even really remember what it was about.)


N.R. Walker

I do love this author. Spencer Cohen was my favorite, but I’ve enjoyed all of her books I’ve read. The nice thing is, she’s got a wide range of reading options. If you like historical, definitely check out Nova praetorian. The Weight of it All is funny, and heartwarming. Spencer was super cool guy. Very good author.


Mariana Zapata

Again, I haven’t read anything else by Mariana Zapata, but it’s not because I don’t like the author. I think it’s more about how I liked The Wall of Winnipeg and Me so much I worry that anything else would fall flat. It will happen though. She’s a wonderful author.


Francesca Zappia

I read this book for the cover. It’s beautiful. The colors, the art… the story was good to. This was from my YA contemporary sad story phase. (Um… I actually don’t remember much about this one either. Eep!)

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