Top 5 Tuesday | Five Romantic Books

So, it’s fair to say that almost every book I read could be classified in the romance genre. Sure, I read fantasy and mystery and suspense… but I almost always try to pick ones with some kind of a love story.

For this weeks Top 5 Tuesday I’m sticking with selections I felt were 75% romance, and 25% “other”.

I also tried to stay away from TJ.

I think you all know he’s my favorite of favorites.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm!


Love and Other Words
by Christina Lauren

I love Christina Lauren books. What others call “Women’s Fiction” I call romance. It’s contemporary romance, which can be read by anyone. I mean, is there a genre called “Men’s Fiction”? Anyway, I digress, I love Christina Lauren. I’ve read a lot of their books, but this one is my favorite of anything they’ve written, for any age group. The dual perspective of Macy and Elliot as children, written side by side with their reconnection as adults made magic between theses pages, and I highly recommend it.


Carry the Ocean
by Heidi Cullinan

I have read Carry the Ocean over and over. I’ve listened to it on audio multiple times. I’ve been swept away by Jeremey and Emmet on repeat. Yes, there is some heavy dialogue about mental health and autism, and what makes “normal”… or how it can sometimes feel as though you are carrying the ocean on your shoulders. But, all of that is made more poignant because of the love between these two men.
All I can do is tell you, over and over, how stunning it is.


Beard in Mind
by Penny Reid

I was on pins and needles to read about Cletus, and who he was going to fall in love with. And, Beard Science was good. Very good. At the time, it was the best of the series. But then Beau said “hold my beer” because his romance with Shelly was phenomenal!! Absolutely phenomenal. Watching Beau bring down his walls and fall in love with the complex character that is Shelly Sullivan unraveled me. It still remains the best book in the series.


Loving a Warrior
by Melanie Hansen

I couldn’t decide between Loving a Warrior, or Point of Contact for this post. However, Point of Contact was so heartbreaking! The relationship came second to the grief of a parent losing a child. I’m not knocking it, the story was beautiful. However, I preferred Loving a Warrior because it was focused only on the relationship that develops between SEAL training. Excellent romantical fiction to lose yourself in.


Well Met
by Jen DeLuca

I just finished Well Met a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you, I already own the paperback. This book was Heavenly. It’s early spring, we’re in quarantine. I miss activities and gatherings, and I pray daily we’re released from our homes by time August rolls around, because I’m going to renfaire this year! In the meantime, reading Well Met was a good runner up to being there myself. The author captured the essense of the Renaissance festival skillfully, and for that reason (and sexy Simon) has written one of my favorite romance novels out there.

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20 Responses

  1. I’m such a big fan of Christina Lauren’s The Unhoneymooners, I feel like I should definitely check this one out too. You’re so right about it being labelled Women’s Fiction too…..


  2. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    You did it!!! Avoided TJ! I am proud of you LOL And I have finished Well Met a few days ago. I loved it!


  3. thebrowneyedbookworm

    Love and Other Words is still my most favorite CL book of all time ♥︎ I cross my fingers every time they release a new book in hopes it would be as good as LAOW – lol. So far no luck 🙈


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